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The dos and Donts of Wearing Sequins and Looking Fab ...

By Randi

Are you looking for some ways to wear sequins? If you like your outfits to be just as bright as your future, this article is for you. If unicorns, glitter, and sprinkles are a part of your every day essentials, this one's for you. If you love to be bold with your fashion choices, this one's for you. Sequins! Even the word is fun, and this article explores the best ways to wear sequins without looking like you’re enrolling in a space program.

Table of contents:

  1. Tops
  2. Dresses
  3. Jackets

1 Tops

One of the most fun ways to wear sequins is on a cute top. Not only are sequin tops super cute, but they’re great for a little shoulder shimmy every once in a while! As we get closer to the holiday season, sequins are definitely a trend I’m seeing a lot more. Try pairing a sequin top with a pair of skinny jeans and heels, but watch out for pants that overshadow the top or introduce too many colors.

2 Dresses

Who doesn’t love walking into a room and catching everyone’s eye? And what better way of doing that than with the best sparkly outfit? Metallic dresses and a vibrant lip color is a look I'd recommend for any fashionista with courage. Avoid silhouettes that are super bulky and unflattering though.

3 Jackets

Doesn't everyone feel invincible when they put on the perfect jacket or is that just me? If you’ve never experienced this feeling, then I dare you to try on a sequin jacket. Not only will it add an amazing touch to any t-shirt and jean combo, but sequins can even elevate the sexist little black dress. Who’s ready to start shining?

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