9 Palm Print Clothes to Give Your Outfits a Tropical Twist ...

Palm print clothes might have you dreaming of island vacations and beachside destinations. However, if what we’re seeing in stores is anything to go by, then this tropical trend is one that you can wear all year round. Yes, even in the middle of the city in the dead of winter. Right now you’ll find palm prints on everything from sweaters to skorts. Take a look at these palm print clothes that will inject a little bit of the tropics into your everyday outfit.

1. Topshop Palm Print Skater Dress

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Channel those balmy summer evenings with this palm print dress from Topshop. It comes in a cool coral colour with a black all over palm tree print. Like most palm print clothes, it has a very vacation inspired feel to it. However, the structured design and cut out details at the sides makes this a more fashion forward option. Wear it as is during the summer months or team it with a leather jacket, tights, and ankle boots for a more street-inspired look.

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