8 Chic Cape Coats to Keep You Warm ...

Fall signals the return of outerwear as our go-to essential this season and appeared in the shape of chic cape coats. Not only will this cool-weather must-have keep you warm during the crisp months, it also adds style and sophistication to even your simplest of looks this season. From tailored and traditional to bold and bright, chic cape coats are the cozy items to throw over your shoulder when the chill hits.

1. Belted Cape Coat

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A bright pop of bold fiery red will set you apart from a sea of monochrome colour palettes this fall as the intense shade will standout when paired with any outfit. A belted cape coat will add shape and structure to this usually shapeless silhouette and will define your body in a way that is figure flattering. Pair a vivid belted coat with sleek and fitted pieces for a classic tailored edge.

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