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Which Sundress Works Best for Your Body Type?

By Taylor

1 Berry-licious

clothing,pink,swimwear,dress,pattern,Source: 9 summer dresses every girl

2 V-neck Floral

day dress,clothing,dress,sleeve,pattern,Source: Multicolor Floral Pleated Shoulder-Strap V-neck

3 Spagetti Straps

clothing,dress,day dress,sleeve,cocktail dress,Source: LULUS Exclusive Raise the Stakes


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4 Blue + White Detail

dress,clothing,day dress,blue,sleeve,The detail in this dress is GORGEOUS!
Source: Joao Dress

5 Aztech Print & Accessories

footwear,clothing,pattern,design,dress,This entire outfit is on point.
Source: Roatan beach outfit

6 Little White Dress

white,clothing,dress,sleeve,wedding dress,Source: FRENCH LACE WHITE DRESS

7 Perfect Summer Dress

clothing,orange,pattern,sleeve,art,Don't you just love the vibrant colors in this dress?
Source: Teal & Orange

8 Shift-style Dress

clothing,blue,dress,sleeve,pattern,Source: STYLE | Tropical fashion took

9 Maxi Dress

dress,clothing,fashion,spring,season,Maxi dresses are always a huge hit during summer.
Source: Shibori Maxi Dress

10 Ombrè Dress

color,clothing,dress,fashion,spring,I have never seen an ombrè dress but I LOVE it!
Source: jan 13 e-book

11 Detailed Open Back

dress,clothing,red,girl,pink,Open back dresses are my fav. This dress is so innocent looking, from the style to the pattern.

12 Pale Blue

dress,person,day dress,clothing,woman,Source: Lush with Beauty Dress in

13 Vintage Floral

clothing,day dress,dress,woman,pink,The vintage look is so elegant and becoming.
Source: vintage beauty!

14 Sunflower Print

clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,swimwear,You can never go wrong with sunflowers.

15 Coral Bead Chiffon

dress,day dress,clothing,pink,sleeve,The belt compliments this dress perfectly, especially the detailed, beaded shoulders.
Source: Pink Sleeveless Bead Belt Chiffon

16 Ruffle Top

dress,day dress,clothing,green,sleeve,Source: You Flight Up My Life

17 Red Detail

clothing,dress,pink,cocktail dress,pattern,Source: Organic Face & Body Lotion

18 Belted Shift Dress

white,clothing,blue,dress,spring,This is gorgeous. It would be fabulous for a summer wedding or graduation party.
Source: 8 of the Best White

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