Which Sundress Works Best for Your Body Type?




clothing,pink,swimwear,dress,pattern, Source: 9 summer dresses every girl

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V-neck Floral

day dress,clothing,dress,sleeve,pattern, Source: Multicolor Floral Pleated Shoulder-Strap V-neck


Spagetti Straps

clothing,dress,day dress,sleeve,cocktail dress, Source: LULUS Exclusive Raise the Stakes


Blue + White Detail

dress,clothing,day dress,blue,sleeve, The detail in this dress is GORGEOUS!
Source: Joao Dress


Aztech Print & Accessories

footwear,clothing,pattern,design,dress, This entire outfit is on point.
Source: Roatan beach outfit


Little White Dress

white,clothing,dress,sleeve,wedding dress, Source: FRENCH LACE WHITE DRESS


Perfect Summer Dress

clothing,orange,pattern,sleeve,art, Don't you just love the vibrant colors in this dress?
Source: Teal & Orange


Shift-style Dress

clothing,blue,dress,sleeve,pattern, Source: STYLE | Tropical fashion took


Maxi Dress

dress,clothing,fashion,spring,season, Maxi dresses are always a huge hit during summer.
Source: Shibori Maxi Dress


Ombrè Dress

color,clothing,dress,fashion,spring, I have never seen an ombrè dress but I LOVE it!
Source: jan 13 e-book


Detailed Open Back

dress,clothing,red,girl,pink, Open back dresses are my fav. This dress is so innocent looking, from the style to the pattern.
Source: bloglovin.com


Pale Blue

dress,person,day dress,clothing,woman, Source: Lush with Beauty Dress in


Vintage Floral

clothing,day dress,dress,woman,pink, The vintage look is so elegant and becoming.
Source: JollyChic.com vintage beauty!


Sunflower Print

clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,swimwear, You can never go wrong with sunflowers.
Source: sheinside.com


Coral Bead Chiffon

dress,day dress,clothing,pink,sleeve, The belt compliments this dress perfectly, especially the detailed, beaded shoulders.
Source: Pink Sleeveless Bead Belt Chiffon


Ruffle Top

dress,day dress,clothing,green,sleeve, Source: You Flight Up My Life


Red Detail

clothing,dress,pink,cocktail dress,pattern, Source: Organic Face & Body Lotion


Belted Shift Dress

white,clothing,blue,dress,spring, This is gorgeous. It would be fabulous for a summer wedding or graduation party.
Source: 8 of the Best White

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Belted shift dress and the sun flower dress so pretty but don't know if I could pull it off

I've learned nothing

I agree with meg h

I love that vintage floral one! So pretty

Love them!

Not the best title choice...

The title is misleading; the article does not give any tips about which sundresses are best for particular body types. In fact, the models for all of the dresses have very similar body types.

What a load of rubbish. Is this place just a collection of pics!

I clicked this article hoping for to get actual advice on sundresses based on body type. Disappointed and disapproving

title is misleading..

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