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7 Sure Signs It is Time to Replace a Bra ...

By Alicia

There are some very certain signs it’s time to replace your bra. There comes a time in every bra’s life when it simply needs to die. Most of us try to extend our bras way beyond the scope of when they are working well for us. Did you know that the average life of a bra should only be 6-12 months? Look for the signs it’s time to replace your bra before it is past the expiration date!

1 Your Weight Has Changed

Any time that your weight changes by more than 10 pounds, you are going to more than likely need a new bra. When it is too loose or too tight, that is one of the signs it’s time to replace your bra. A good fit is really important. In order for your bra to give you the best support, it needs to fit correctly and be formed to your body. A bra that you are spilling out of or can’t fill up cannot do that.

2 Your Bra Straps Just Can’t Get Tight Enough

If you are like me and are vertically challenged, this is an issue that you deal with frequently. It helps if you purchase bras where the straps adjust all the way along. But if you haven’t purchased that type of bra, and you can’t get the straps tight enough, it is time to replace your bra. The straps can be loose for two different reasons. It could be your height or that they are stretched out from overuse.

3 The Underwire Support Doesn’t Rest against Your Skin

The underwires of your bra are designed to lay flush to your skin. If they are pulling out from your body at an angle, your bra is in need of replacement. An underwire that lays flush against your skin gives you more lift and support. Additionally, if the underwires are misshapen or cutting into your body, you need to replace your bra. The underwire should not cause you discomfort in any way.

4 The Band is No Longer Snug

When you cannot get the band to fit you correctly even on the tightest closure, it is probably time to replace your bra. The bra band will stretch out over time. This is a normal progression in the life of a bra that tells you when it is time to replace it. It is always best to purchase a bra that fits you while fastened on the loosest hook. This way, as the bra does stretch over time, you can use the other closures to get more wear out of it.

5 A Wire Has Come out

Hasn’t this one happened to all of us? We feel a sharp, scraping against our skin only to discover our wire is making its way out? It is not news that this is painful. When this happens, it is time to say adios to the bra. Don’t even attempt to repair it.

6 The Hooks Are Damaged

Your bra is fastened by hooks. If the hooks become damaged, it cannot fasten securely. A lot of times this will occur after the bra has been washed in the washer or dried in the dryer. You can prevent this in a lot of cases by giving your bras the correct care. Other times, the hooks are damaged simply from the passage of time.

7 You See Visible Damage to the Bra

Ladies, if you see visible damage to your bra such as a stain, tear or other such damage, let it die. Toss it immediately. I would rather have fewer bras that are in good condition than a larger quantity that I would be embarrassed to be seen in. I realize bras are an expense but we are worth every penny they cost. Wearing a nice bra is a great confidence booster as well.

Now, help me out here. What are some other signs your bra needs to be tossed that I may have missed? Any tips on extending the life of your bra?

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