7 Different Ways to Wear a Scarf This Winter ...


7 Different Ways to Wear a Scarf This Winter ...
7 Different Ways to Wear a Scarf This Winter ...

If you want to change up your look, you should use these different ways to wear a scarf. Don’t be afraid to sport the same thing more than once a week. You can reuse your favorite scarf again and again without feeling like you’re wearing the same thing. This winter, try out all of these different ways to wear a scarf.

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Low Knotted

Low Knotted One of the different ways to wear a scarf can be done in less than sixty seconds. Drape the scarf evenly over your shoulders. Fold one end over the other and keep the knot down low. Don’t tie it tight or the knot will raise and create a new look.Of course, if that’s what you’re going for, there’s no problem with it!



Infinity All this style takes is one simple knot. Drape the scarf around your neck, leaving the sides even. Tie the very bottom of the sides together. Then twist the scarf once and put the created loop around your head. It gives the scarf a second layer.



Back The sides of your scarf don’t always have to be visible. Drape the scarf around the back of your neck and tie it tightly. Then bring the sides to your back and tie them in another knot. Leave the sides to drape down your back instead of your front. It’s that easy to get a perfect look that you'll adore!



Traditional There’s nothing wrong with wearing a scarf in the way it was originally intended. Whether you're wearing a heavy scarf or a fashion scarf, you can try out this look. This style comes in handy when you're going to be outside for a long period of time and need to shield yourself from the cold. Wrap the scarf around your neck as many times as you wish. Let the two ends dangle down your shoulders. That’s all it takes!



Waist Scarves aren’t limited to your neck. You can tie a scarf around your waist and have it act like a belt. It’s a simple and creative addition to any outfit. Like an actual belt, you can fix the size so that it fits you perfectly. Just tie it as tightly or as loosely as you need to.



Hair If you have a skinny scarf, use it to decorate your hair. Fold it in half and then put the scarf near the nape of your neck. Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it near one of your ears. Let the material hang down the side of your face. Of course, if you prefer, you can let the material fall on the back of your head.



Ponytail Here’s another way to wear a scarf in your hair. Instead of wrapping it around your head like a bandana, you can put it into your ponytail. After you finish putting your hair up, just tie the scarf into your hair. Of course, don’t do this with a scarf that is too long. You want it to enhance your look, not to make you look silly.

Use your favorite scarf to create as many styles as you can. If you love an accessory, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only using it once in a while. How do you usually wear your scarves?

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Low knoted kinda gives th sloppy look . The rest

My favourite is starting with traditional, then twisting the middle loop and putting both ends through it. It's adorable!

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