Discomfort, Be Gone! Bra Accessories You Absolutely Need to Have ...


Whether you like it or not, all of us women are stuck wearing bras--at least until the work day is over and we can toss them onto our floors. Even though bras aren't always the most comfortable item of clothing, there are things you can do to make them more bearable. So if you've been having some issues with your wardrobe, here are some lifesaving bra accessories you absolutely need to buy for yourself:

1. Racer Back Bra Clips

Racer Back Bra Clips

Don't you hate when those pesky bra straps don't line up with the straps on your tank top? Well, a racer back bra clip will pull both sides of your bra together to keep the straps out of your way. So if you're wearing a certain style of shirt that requires the straps to rest in the center, this clip will save you from having to buy a bra with an entirely different design.

Silicone Bra-strap Pads
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