11 Fun Ideas to Try for a Rockabilly Look ...


11 Fun Ideas to Try for a Rockabilly Look ...
11 Fun Ideas to Try for a Rockabilly Look ...

The rockabilly look is sculpted femininity; everything is gorgeous, from the red lip, to the belt and shoes! The clothes and accessories evoke the look of classic 1950s rock and roll. I can almost hear the music when I see the clothes! The pieces are fun, youthful, and lively! If you are not sure how to pull together your own rockabilly style or want to incorporate some rockabilly essence then let us help you get started. Below we have compiled some fun ideas for a rockabilly look to help you get started.

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Great Heel

Great Heel We’ve all heard that shoes make the outfit. This statement is very true of the rockabilly look, too. Try wearing a simple black pump for a glamorous rockabilly look. If you like your footwear to have a little more interesting detail then try a cherry pattern or peep-toe platform. Pair your fabulous heels with a pencil skirt or form-fitting dress.


Oxfords or Polka Dot Ballet Flats

Oxfords or Polka Dot Ballet Flats Cute pumps aren’t your only footwear option for a rockabilly look. When you want a break from the heels, try a cute flat shoe! Oxfords are a comfortable accent with loads of vintage charm. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, including animal print and black. Pair your Oxfords with Capri pants or high-waisted shorts. If Oxfords aren’t your style then slip on a pair of ballet flats! These also evoke rockabilly ease, too. We suggest animal print.


Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt The pencil skirt is a rockabilly style staple. The shape and fit are fun and feminine. A black pencil skirt is comfortable and classy. It also shows off your curves. The form fitting, liquid lines of the pencil skirt are rockabilly fabulous! Wear one in a great fabric and be sure the hemline falls at your knee.


Cute Pants

Cute Pants If you aren’t in the mood for a pencil skirt or form-fitting dress, try Capri pants! If the weather allows it, Capri pants are a great rockabilly influenced option: they are form fitting and complement your shape. If the weather is exceptionally warm, another option is the high-waisted short. Capri pants and high-waisted shorts both evoke images of bike rides and dances, not to mention victory rolls and bandanas.


Pretty Top

Pretty Top Your rockabilly look should also include a pretty shirt. The halter-top is another popular rockabilly fashion element. The behind the neck strap and v-neck are pretty. If you have wide shoulders (like me) then this style works particularly well with your frame, making your shoulders appear closer together. If the weather isn’t warm enough or a halter-top isn’t exactly your style then try a white button-down short-sleeve blouse – fitted, of course.


Pretty Sweater

Pretty Sweater The 1950s era and fitted sweaters are undeniably forever linked. Throw on a pretty, form-fitting sweater with a cute shirt and hit the town. Make sure the length and fit are right. The hem of your sweater should line up with your waist or fall just below it. Your sweater should also have long sleeves and a cute appliqué if you can manage it.


Bold Hair

Bold Hair Black, red, brown, blonde, or green! Rockabilly hair is bold and fabulous! Choose a hue you love, including your natural color, and style it to the nines! (Yep, like dressing to the nines.) Rockabilly hair is sculpted perfection, even the ponytails. Try victory rolls with a wavy finish or pin curls. Don’t forget the Bettie Page Bang! That lovely fringe is a rockabilly must!



Bandana Finish your hairstyle with a lovely accessory like a flower or bandana. Flowers are pretty easy, just tuck one in your hair or purchase a flower hair clip and you are all set. However, tying the bandana on properly can be a little tricky. Grab a red bandana and tune into YouTube. There are tons of rockabilly bandana hairstyle tutorials to help you.


Interesting Eyewear

Interesting Eyewear A cute pair of sunglasses is a lovely complement to any outfit. When you sport your rockabilly look, think about incorporating some vintage framed glasses. Choose a shape and tint that match your look well. Try horned rimmed glasses or vintage cat eye frames. You can find these in traditional colors. These styles are also available in a variety of vibrant hues and patterns to spice up your look!


Sculpted Brows

Sculpted Brows We love spotting wonderfully groomed eyebrows! To sport the rockabilly look properly, be sure to pay extra special attention to the details – eyebrows included. Groom your eyebrows well and add enough color to make them POP!


Red, Red Lips

Red, Red Lips Red lipstick is so pretty! The variety of hues available can take your look from fun and flirty to flirty and sexy. Whatever your mood, be sure to choose a shade that complements your skin tone. The rockabilly look demands a bold lip color.

Rockabilly is all about curves and confidence, real or created! Any girl can rock this fun and versatile look if she wants to! These are just a few ideas to help you get started! Do you sport a rockabilly inspired look? Do you have any tips, tricks, or ideas? Please, share!

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