7 Fashion Tips to Look Designer on a Dime ...


7 Fashion Tips to Look Designer on a Dime ...
7 Fashion Tips to Look Designer on a Dime ...

Fashion Tips on how to look Designer without spending the money are sometimes easier than you would think. Next time you plan on painting the town red, take a little extra time and really put some heart into your ensemble. Here are my 7 Fashion Tips for looking Designer on a Dime:

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Walk Confidently

I have always said that your walk can take you places you never knew you could. Walk with purpose and pose and I promise you'll not only look like a million dollars but you may even get asked for your autograph. Start practicing your “sorry- no pictures please”, heaven forbid they catch you off guard and get you without make-up. My number 1 Fashion Tip to look Designer.



Another one of my favorite Fashion Tips would have to be Accessories, Accessories, Accessories. You must never walk out your front door without some sort of bling. Make sure your lobes are always glistening and your neck and wrists are never nude. Whether It be simply chic or loud and proud always make sure you leave your door without forgetting the smaller details. Tell me the last time you saw a Celeb caught accessa-nude? Never!


Spend Money Wisely

If you are going to splurge and buy something fancy-pants for your wardrobe that is designer; let it be a pair of shoes or a purse. You can take a simple outfit, jeans and a tee for example, and make it look designer by accessorizing it with a luxurious pump and bag. Everyone will notice your brilliant heels and ask where you got your bag. The rest of your ensemble they will just assume is designer. True Story, I get it all the time.


Be Inspired

A Fashion Tip that some may overlook is to be inspired by everyone and everything around you. For example, the dress you have been eyeing from Alexander McQueen that will set you back over $4,000 doesn’t have to be a tease. Take inspiration from it, find something that has the same feel or look. When you wear it, know that the real deal will be yours one day and walk like you're already in it. I take inspiration from designers all the time, creating Designer on a Dime looks, come by and see sometime.


Avoid Knock-offs

As badly as you want the $2,500 Louis Vuitton Speedy, whatever you do don’t short change yourself and buy a knock-off. You’re not doing yourself or your image a favor being caught with a replica. Save your money and buy the real thing – come 12 months down the road once all your pennies are collected, you will be so happy you waited. Quality in a real designer bag shows.


Be Unique

Who says you have to color in between the lines. Create your own style, be inspired by other Fashion Bloggers like myself, or some of my other favorites Girl with Curves, Cupcakes & Cashmere, and …Love Maegan. Take what you feel good in and make it your own. Who says a trend can’t work for everyone? Take pieces of a trend and make it your own. Fashion Tips don’t always have to be tangible you know.


Care for Your Clothing

Do the extra load of laundry and separate your whites from your colors from your darks. Spend the little extra money and buy the dark wash, the “make my brights brighter” wash and take the time to care for your clothing. It doesn’t matter that you bought it on sale. Treat it as if it can’t be replaced and just remind yourself how much it's actually worth. Not all Fashion Tips are quick, so make a little extra time and give your clothes the TLC they deserve.

Creating Designer on a Dime pieces is something I am very passionate about. Come by Little Miss Mama and see where I get designer crafty, saving pennies and looking great. Tell me, do you have any Fashion Tips that you’d like to share?

Top Image Source: fashionsquad.com

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