5 Ethical Clothing Brands 👗 to Watch 👀 in 2017 ...

Are you wondering where you can find ethical clothing brands? Ethical fashion is more relevant than ever this year, and with a growing demand for stylish, sustainable, earth kind and ethically sound wardrobe pieces in the world of fashion, comes the birth of new brands that fit the bill. 2017 is all about boutique style, catwalk worthy trends, affordability and accessibility for the earth and animal conscious consumer. Here are some of the ethical clothing brands to look out for.


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This chic brand debuted its first collection, the SS17 NEO OPULENT collection, back in September last year at LFW. Already seen on the likes of Olivia Palermo who wore the Button Skirt and Brit actress Naomie Harris who wore the Layal Dress, this label is already making waves with the fashion crowd and will soon be one of your favorite ethical clothing brands.

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