8 Fabulous British Fashion Icons to Look up to ...


8 Fabulous British Fashion Icons to Look up to ...
8 Fabulous British Fashion Icons to Look up to ...

Britain may be known for their royalty, tea, and music, but it is time we start paying attention to British fashion icons that hail from the UK. There are so many fashion icons from Great Britain that have a huge variety of styles. From prim and proper to bold and eccentric, here are some of the best British fashion icons.

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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge has been put in the spotlight constantly and has never had a hair out of place, giving her the top spot on the list of British fashion icons to look up to. She looks effortlessly amazing and you can guarantee that anything she wears will be sold out in stores within 24 hours. Kate Middleton is the style icon for put-together women who want to look classy and chic in everything they do.


Rita Ora

Rita Ora On the other hand there is Rita Ora, who marches to the beat of her own drum. She is known for bolder clothing that shows her loud personality. Take a page from Ora and wear clothes that reflect you as a person. You can never go wrong with bright colors, distressed clothes, and bold prints. Her big blonde hair and bright red lips are her signature looks that only add to her crazy wardrobe.


Emma Watson

Emma Watson Who would have thought that little Hermione would turn into one of the most influential British fashion icons? She has been the face of Burberry and has collaborated with some of the top designers in the industry, so it is no wonder she has such amazing style. She is always put together and has some of the most incredible red carpet looks. To imitate Watson’s style, put together sophisticated yet fun pieces for a look that is timeless yet pushing the boundaries.


Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton Why should the fashion icons be limited to the younger generations? Tilda Swinton is proof that you can look fabulous at any age. She is known for pushing the boundaries and usually goes for a more androgynous look. To get Swinton’s look, wear a sleek white pant suit and simple neutral makeup with a smooth and sleek haircut.


Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung This model has been on the street style scene since she started walking down the runways. If you want the Alexa Chung look, be prepared to rock a lot of buttoned up collars, tons of dresses, and don’t forget to show a lot of leg.


Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton For those of you who don’t know, Fearne Cotton is a fabulous British TV show host. While audiences love her for her warm personality, they also cannot get enough of her edgy style. To copycat Cotton’s look, don’t be afraid to pair sneakers with any outfit, and add in a bohemian aspect to whatever you are wearing. And if you really want more inspiration, you can always shop her clothing line online.


Kate Moss

Kate Moss Kate Moss has sometimes been considered the number one British fashion icon out there. Not many other have been so influential in the fashion world. Her style is constantly bending the rules and setting new trends. If you want to take some inspiration from Moss, stick to dark colors like black and gray, channel you inner '70s rock chic, and make sure you have your sunglasses on no matter where you are.


Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour You might find it strange to take fashion inspiration from someone who has had the same haircut for the last decade, but Anna Wintour has been changing the world of fashion ever since she took of the position of Editor-in-Chief at Vogue magazine. Her style has remained polished and feminine over the years and she can always be seen with the most luxe pieces. To channel Wintour, wear tons of tweed, invest on some high quality printed shirts and dresses, and make sure you own a lot of fur (preferable faux-fur). But you might want to skip the haircut. Not everyone can pull that look off.

No matter what your personal style, there is a British fashion icon out there for you to look up to. So take a page from over the pond and find your British fashion icon. What did you think of these British fashion icons to look up to? What other British fashion icons are you in love with?

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Victoria Beckham & Twiggy!

Kate Middleton, Emma Watson, and Victoria Beckham!!!!

I find princess diana's style extremely elegant as well :)

Victoria Beckham should definitely replace Rita Orra!

Hey! Where's Eleanor Calder!!!!!!

Love Emma Watson!

Victoria beckham!!!

I love that you have Tilda in here. I would also throw in Helen Mirren as one for the more mature ladies to look to.

Excuse me where is Ellie Goulding?!?

I love Kate Middleton she's The classy kind and chic

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