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Online shopping really is easier once I found accessories from Anthropologie. I have been frustrated for quite some time now because a couple of the products that I need to buy can’t be found in this part of the world. Not that I will die because I don’t have them but … a pair of earrings or even a bag can make a huge difference to your fashion statement; and I consider those as top essentials. I have always loved accessories so when I find really great ones, I make sure that I take care of them so I can make them last longer. Here are seven of my recent fabulous finds among the list of accessories from Anthropologie:

1. Pampas Backpack

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I am crazy about backpacks so this product is my most favorite among all accessories from Anthropologie. It’s amazing how the designers were able to conveniently and artfully combine modern functionality with its ethnic design. This is just a visual showcase of color and style and one that backpack lovers should have.

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