25 Dainty Accessories You'll Love for Summer ...


Summer is a great time for accessories, because everything takes on a more nautical approach. These accessories will make you feel like you've just spent the day at the beach!

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Gold Accents

clothing,footwear,jeans,yellow,outerwear, Source: Summer style for you
Who says you can't wear gold accents in the summer?


Pink Sleek Purse

white,clothing,pink,dress,sleeve, Source: popsu.gr
Sleek design like this purse is usually saved for winter trends, but it looks so great with this summer outfit!


Leg Chain

clothing,footwear,leg,undergarment,fashion, Source: Turkish Silver Collection | Valley
At this point we've all seen body chains, but have you ever seen a leg chain?


Stackable Bracelets

blue,bracelet,fashion accessory,hand,jewellery, Source: I have to say, today
Stackable bracelets are always in style in the summer!


Sweet Little Anklet

jewellery,fashion accessory,close up,leg,skin, Source: Hammered Heart Anklet - Gold
This ankle bracelet is so subtle you almost might miss it completely!


Bohemian Ear Piercings

face,nose,ear,eye,head, Source: 28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To
These earrings are so bohemian. I personally love the feather and the seashell!


For the Beach Lovers

jewellery,pendant,necklace,fashion accessory,locket, Source: Miniature Beach necklace. Dreaming of
If you love the beach but can't always be there, go for this necklace!


Seashell Ring

finger,jewellery,close up,beauty,skin, Source: Silver Sunrise Shell Ring
Nautical accessories are always in style, and this ring is so dainty and fun!


Keds Seersucker Sneakers

footwear,shoe,white,blue,product, Source: Keds Seersucker Convertible Champion Sneaker
Seersucker and Keds by themselves are summer staples, but together, they're every girl's dream!


Lots of Rings

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: Stackable midi ring inspiration photo
This variety of different rings is so dainty and elegant while also being bohemian.


Copper and the Ocean

jewellery,necklace,blue,fashion accessory,pendant, Source: Textured Wave Pendant in Sterling
I love the contrast of the copper against the aquamarine of the ocean!


Hair Chain

hair,bridal accessory,hairstyle,clothing,brown, Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This hair chain is perfect for a night out or a day at the beach!


Pineapple Ring

finger,yellow,plant,nail,hand, Source: Ring "Woven Pineapple" (14K gold
The design of this ring is so dainty, but the pineapple just screams summer!


Light as a Feather

jewellery,bangle,ring,fashion accessory,bracelet, Source: Feather Ring
It doesn't get much cuter than this tiny feather ring.


Clip-in Beads

hair,clothing,blond,fashion accessory,hairstyle, Source: 19 Ways to Make Fantastic
This may look intricate, but when you look closely, you can see where the bead extensions have been clipped in. It's a simple way to add a bohemian touch to your hair.


Starfish Headband

hair,face,hairstyle,beauty,blond, Source: Triple Starfish Headband Three Starfish
This headband is perfect for the mermaid girl in all of us!


Keep Your Hair Tied Back

hair,clothing,red,woman,hairstyle, Source: stylecaster.com
If you want to keep your hair off of your face on a hot summer day, a floral scarf like this is the answer!


Blue and Gold

jewellery,bracelet,fashion accessory,bangle,turquoise, Source: I’m convinced you can never
I don't know about you, but I just love the combination of blue and gold in the summer. It reminds me of the beach!


Aquamarine Stackable Bracelet

jewellery,fashion accessory,turquoise,gemstone,bracelet, Source: THE TREND OF 2014
Take your stackable bracelet game to the next level by wearing bracelets that match!


Floppy Hat

clothing,hair,fashion accessory,hairstyle,hat, Source: L* Space Swimwear 2015
There is no better beach accessory than a floppy hat!


Tie-Dye Beach Bag

handbag,pink,bag,footwear,fashion accessory, Source: N id: PRODUCT....0206 EDWINA HOERL
A bag this big is a beach essential, and the cute tie-dye effect is just another plus!


No-Piercing Starfish Cuff

face,white,nose,black and white,ear, Source: Starfish Ear Cuff
I think what draws everyone into this cuff at first is that it requires no piercing, and then the cute starfish design really makes us all fall in love!


Nautical Bracelet

bracelet,jewellery,bangle,fashion accessory,hand, Source: Kiel James Patrick Lanyard Hitch
Everyone's summer accessories need a little bit of a nautical touch!


Pineapple Phone Case

pattern,design,art,bling bling,textile, Source: HUGE SALE! Namaste Tri-Blend Shirt
Who says a phone case isn't an accessory?


Bedazzled Gladiator Sandals

footwear,jewellery,fashion accessory,shoe,chain, Source: Golden Tone Leaves Vamp Sandal
The bedazzled effect on these makes them perfect for dressier occasions in the summer!

What are your go-to summer accessories? Let me know in the comments!

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I love the floppy hat

Hair chain is number 12

It says leg chain not hair

I love accessories that can go in your head

Adorable 😻😻😻

I know @DanaA, I was talking about the leg chain and the hair chain

3 looks kinda weird. I would never wear a hair chain because it would get caught in my hair and probably be a nightmare to get out ;)

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