7 Fabulous Tips on How to Wear Colored Jeans ...


7 Fabulous Tips on How to Wear Colored Jeans ...
7 Fabulous Tips on How to Wear Colored Jeans ...

How to wear colored jeans this season in a variety of ways will ensure that you’ll always look chic. At first, colored jeans may seem difficult to style, but once you’ve experimented with a few ways for how to wear your colored jeans you’ll realise they can be quite versatile. Take a look at the following few tips on how to wear colorful jeans this season.

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Color Blocked

Color Blocked The color blocking trend is still going strong. Incorporate a little bit of pastel into your look either with a pastel on pastel combination or a pastel jean teamed with a bright color on top (or vice versa). When looking at how to wear colored jeans this way, anchor your outfit with neutral accessories for a fresh look.


Sport Inspired

Sport Inspired Sport-inspired dressing is a big trend right now. Team your coloured jeans with anything from sporty hi-top sneakers, slouchy tees, varsity jackets, and baseball caps to complete the athletic look.


Toughened up

Toughened up If you’re into working a bit more of an alternative or grunge aesthetic, wear your colored jeans with lots of leather, studding, and distressed detailing. Red or burgundy jeans would look great worn with black leather or distressed denim jackets. If you’re looking at how to wear your colored jeans this way, finish the look off with some killer ankle boots.


Dressed down

Dressed down Work a casual weekend look by dressing your colored jeans down. Team them with a slouchy sweater, a basic tank top, and minimal accessories. Coloured jeans make enough of an impact that you can really just let them speak for themselves. They’re just a more on-trend take on your favourite basic denim jeans.


Paired with Prints

Paired with Prints Team your colorful jeans with a printed top for an on-trend look. It’s all about the print these days, so a pretty printed blouse or t-shirt is all you need to update your look. Choose a top with a color that ties in with the color of your jeans to keep the look more streamlined.


Pretty and Polished

Pretty and Polished Work a more sophisticated angle and team your colored jeans with a blazer and patent shoes. A blazer is a quick and easy way to polish up your look, and it’s no different for colored jeans. Try a white blazer instead of black for a fresher look.


For a Night out

For a Night out Team your jeans with a slinky top, stiletto heels, and plenty of bling for a cool night time look. When looking at how to wear colored jeans for a night out, shelve the pastels and stick to darker, bolder colors. You’ll also find that richer colors look more luxe when paired with this season’s on-trend metallics.

These are just a few tips for how to wear colored jeans this season. Whether you’re catching up with friends for lunch or planning on a night out with the girls, colored jeans are a must-have. What are your best tips for how to wear colorful jeans?

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you need to include pictures in your points.

I like pink, orange and yellow color blocking. hmm... or maybe teal, black and white.

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