7 Fabulous Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket...


Despite the brief shelf life of the normal fashion trend, the one item that never really goes out of style is the denim jacket, and it’s probably because there are so many different ways to wear a denim jacket. A denim jacket is perfect for virtually every body type. Are you tall or short? A denim jacket doesn't care. The ways to wear a denim jacket are countless, but I’ll share seven of them with you.

1. Keepin’ It Casual

Keepin’ It Casual

Nothing says "I’m approachable" quite like a traditional denim jacket. Maybe it’s because a denim jacket is a staple in the closet without overwhelming an outfit like other items might. So my advice is to wear the traditional light blue jacket with a plain white or black basic T-shirt paired with a dark blue or a colored jean. If you are feeling daring choose a bold red jean, a muted salmon or coral pant, but try not to use the same color pant as the jacket — no one likes a Canadian tuxedo a la 2001 Britney and Justin. Using the jacket to cap off a simple, everyday outfit is one of the best ways to wear a denim jacket.

White Wash
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