7 Safe Ways to Wear Polka Dots and Not Look Silly ...

Ways to wear polka dots and not look like a cosplay enthusiast are definitely worth looking into and that’s exactly what I’m planning to do right now. And let me be honest, you don’t want to miss out on this great pattern simply because you don’t want to risk overkill. Polka dots were a huge success this spring and summer and they’ll probably appear a lot more in the future, which is why we absolutely must discuss sensible ways to wear polka dots right about now.

1. On a Blouse

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A free-flowing, feminine polka dot blouse is one of those ways to wear polka dots that can never ever be considered silly, especially if you opt for one of the latest cuts and good-quality fabric. It’s a classic look designers tend to find inspiration in quite often and will work particularly well for you in case you’re smaller on top and in need of prints that could balance out your figure.

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