7 Ways to Wear a Black Dress That Will Get You Noticed ...


7 Ways to Wear a Black Dress That Will Get You Noticed ...
7 Ways to Wear a Black Dress That Will Get You Noticed ...

No closet is complete without a fabulous little black number, but if you’re looking for new ways to wear a black dress, you’ve come to the right place. Black is a neutral color that looks great with a variety of other outfit choices, so you’re sure to find a new look or two that you’ll turn to all the time. The only problem is, with so many ways to wear a black dress, you might have a hard time picking which one to try first.

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With Lots of Jewelry

With Lots of Jewelry Bling looks awesome against the backdrop of a little black dress. Next time you’re headed out a slinky dress, pile on necklaces, bracelets and fancy earrings. Silver and gold are go-to options, but don’t stop there. There are plenty of ways to ramp things up by wearing pink, turquoise, lime green and yellow. Mix and match the colors to create new and different looks every time you wear your favorite black dress.


With Boots

With Boots Maybe you always throw on a pair of heels with your black dress, but it might be time to branch out to a new look. Pair your favorite with a pair of tall boots with spiky heels. Black is a classic choice, but red, purple and blue look great with a black dress too. Wearing boots with your dress means you can carry it into winter by tossing on a pair of tights for warmth.


With a Jacket

With a Jacket No, I’m not talking about a rain jacket or slicker. I’m talking about a fitted little jacket. Try one made from denim for a semi-casual look or go all out with a custom-made blazer in a bright jewel tone, such as emerald or purple. This is a great way to wear a black dress to work without looking inappropriate or like you’re headed straight to the club at quitting time. A soft leather jacket is another fun idea.


With a Belt

With a Belt To accentuate your curves, wrap a belt around your little black dress. Choose one in black for a seamless and classic look. Or, go ahead and choose red, bright blue or pink to add a little pizzazz to your favorite black dress. Chain belts are a fun way to add personality to your dress too. Simply drape it at your hips and watch the heads turn.


With a Wrap

With a Wrap If you want to move more freely than you can in a jacket, opt for a wrap, like a shawl or pashmina to dress up your black dress. Choose one in black if warmth is your goal or pick one out that has a classy pattern or bright color to create a look you won’t see on anyone else.

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With a Headband

With a Headband A headband is a fun and modern way to add oomph to your little black dress, but still look different from all the other girls in town. Try one with a demure silk or felt flower. Try one that wraps around your head with a feather in back, a la the 1920s, if you’re headed to a cocktail party. A plain, but sparkly, headband is ideal for a dinner party or work event.


With a Scarf

With a Scarf Nothing says chic like a great scarf. And it adds that little something extra to your black dress. For work, try one with a small pattern, such as flowers or plaid. If you’re headed out on the town, go for something in bold, punchy colors or patterns to make your look one that will leave everyone talking.

I love my black dress. I wear it to so many events, I might need to invest in a new one. Where do you wear your favorite black dress? Do you make it fancy or stay with a minimal look?

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Basicly black goes eith everything.

Are brown boots ok to wear with a black dress? I'm always unsure of this....

If you can rock brown boots and a black dress, go for it!

Thanks for the ideas!!

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