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7 Awesome Ways to Wear a Saree like a Pro ...

By Shripa

There are just so many different ways to wear a saree, styling this oh-so-difficult-to-tame garment is nothing but an art! Saree is a simple fabric that enfolds a woman’s body. Though it is considered quintessentially Indian, it looks great on women from around the world. Why wear it? It makes you look sexy and demure at the same time. And there are so many ways to drape a saree that you will end up looking a teeny bit different each time with little or no effort; there are so many ways to wear a saree! Don’t be a hater, girl! A little experimentation doesn't hurt anyone, does it?

Table of contents:

  1. Opt for modern silhouettes
  2. Wear it with a belt
  3. Do it the off-shoulder way
  4. Wear it over jeans
  5. Cut it short
  6. Pair it with pjs
  7. Get it pre-stitched

1 Opt for Modern Silhouettes

While wearing saree, you must be willing to go all out. Swap those old blingy blouses and opt for silhouettes that are contemporary and modern instead. You can even pair it with a kurti or a boyfriend jacket to give it a youthful look. This is an awesome look if you want to wear a saree but don’t want to show off your body too much. Be bold and fearless but don’t forget to keep it simple! This modern silhouette is one of my favorite ways to wear a saree!

2 Wear It with a Belt

Pairing your saree with a belt is the newest fashion trend. It will help you acquire that perfect hourglass shape you always longed for, without making much effort. It will make you feel feminine and fabulous. Well, it also helps hold the saree in place if you’re worried about it coming off sometime during the night. This look is extremely elegant and almost anybody can carry it off, but it would help if you fall on the taller side.

3 Do It the off-Shoulder Way

Nothing flatters a woman’s figure like a sensuously draped saree! Choose the off-shoulder drape to instantly glam-up your look. Its risque and it shows off your toned shoulders and collar bone. This look works well only with lighter fabrics that naturally drape around on your body. It almost resembles an evening gown. Just couple it with your favourite pair of heels and you’re ready for that picture-perfect evening!

4 Wear It over Jeans

Nothing’s more comfy than a pair of jeans, right? Jeans and sarees together can make a deadly combination if you get it right! Pairing something as elegant and Indian as a saree with the rugged and western jeans is a thrill in itself. What more? It takes away the fuss of finding matching skirts. So, when you want to leave supah-hot and supah-sexy style statement, just pleat-up your saree over your jeans and be an instant fashion hit!

5 Cut It Short

If you dread tripping over whilst wearing the ground-kissing saree, you can always cut it short to your desired height. It will prove to be more comfortable and it’s perfect if you have to walk a little. Though it is inspired by tribal women, it is a great pick for the urban office going woman. It doesn't always have to be long and mysterious. Sometimes sensible and simple works just as well!

6 Pair It with PJs

There are times when comfort matters more than grace for busy multitasking women. But that doesn't mean you can’t look chic while being comfortable. There are hardly any pieces in your wardrobe that might be cozier than the good old pajamas. Give a unique twist to your look by replacing your underskirt with pyjamas. Try this with fabrics like crushed muslin to make the most of this look.

7 Get It Pre-Stitched

This one is meant for the next-gen gals who believe in everything instant! Just get your saree pre-stitched into a skirt and you’re ready to roll! You can easily slip into it and look as rocking as the other girls. Who wants to spend hours draping it around, right? You can also get your saree pre-pleated and stitched in different variations like the lehenga saree with flair. A hot favourite look this season!

Who says wearing saree has to be boring? You can always a new twist to the traditional saree! Follow these quirky tips to define your fashion statement with the six yard wonder and look more trendy, stylish and elegant in an instant. Which look are you planning to try first?

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