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How to wear camouflage clothes stylishly should be the question on everyone’s lips right now. Well, everyone interested in pulling off this trend, anyway. Whether you opt for a grunge, girlie, or military inspired look, camouflage clothing can work across all angles. It’s got a certain coolness to it that’s perfect if you like your outfits to be more off-duty. Check out the following tips on how to wear camouflage clothing right now.

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Contemporary Cool

Contemporary Cool A camouflage print t-shirt, jacket, or jeans are all excellent ways to start building your casual camouflage look. Instead of baggy camouflage pants, try a fitted pair of printed jeans instead. You could also team a camouflage print t-shirt or sweater with jeans or a denim skirt for a cool, off-duty look.



Girly Is camouflage print maybe a bit too heavy for your usual look? Why not use it to add a grunge touch to a feminine outfit. Try teaming an ultra girly dress and heels with a camouflage print utility jacket for something a bit unexpected.


Classic Military

Classic Military When looking at how to wear camouflage clothes, you can’t go past a classic military inspired look. A khaki camouflage print parka or trench is great for throwing on over a basic outfit.


All in the Accessories

All in the Accessories Adding a dose of camouflage print to your look can be as simple as donning a few accessories. A camouflage print clutch would be a fun addition, as well as things like watches and scarves.


Alternate Colour Ways

Alternate Colour Ways Not a fan of your typical khaki camouflage print? Then take a leaf out of the book of designers like Thakoon and Tommy Hilfiger and choose your camouflage print in a range of unexpected colours. Light blues look great for a toned down look and a muted camouflage print is perfect for working a more sophisticated take on this trend.



Office-Friendly Muted colour palettes are one way to make camouflage print work in an office environment, but an even more important thing to take into consideration is the style and cut of the clothing. Instead of worn jackets and tees, stick to structured dresses and skirts if you’re planning on making this look work for your workplace.


On Your Feet

On Your Feet Camouflage shoes may be a bit harder to source, but if you’re after a quirky way for how to wear camouflage clothes then this is it. ASOS did a great pair of camouflage print ballet flats and Topshop currently have some on-trend camouflage sneakers in their collection. Alternatively, pick up a pair of camouflage print socks and pair them with ankle boots or lace-up shoes.



Embellished Make your grungy camouflage clothing even edgier with a good dose of embellishments. Studded and spike embellished epaulets on your camouflage jacket are perfect for working a ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of vibe.


On Your Nails

On Your Nails So it’s not necessarily clothing, but it’s still a way to make a fashion statement. Nail art is nothing new but if you’re not keen on rocking camouflage clothing then a camouflage print nail is an offbeat way to work the trend.

These are just some things to mull over if you’re thinking about how to wear camouflage clothes right now. What’s your best style tip for how to wear camouflage clothing? Are you a fan of this look?

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