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Fashion Alert Here Are the 25 Shorts You Should Be Wearing This Summer ...

By Jennifer

Summer will be here before you know it, so it's time to refresh your wardrobe and add a new pair of shorts — or three! Or four? — to your shopping cart. Here are a few of the shorts you should be wearing in 3... 2... 1...

1 Coral Shorts

clothing,sleeve,product,footwear,brand,Source: Black and Coral

2 Cream Lace Shorts

clothing,sleeve,product,dress,pattern,Source: lunch out


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3 Graphic Print Shorts

clothing,green,sleeve,product,blouse,Source: Untitled #93

4 Cut-off Skinny Shorts

clothing,product,outerwear,footwear,sleeve,Source: Blue, Red, & Black

5 Cuffed-Hem Dark Denim Shorts

clothing,green,product,sleeve,footwear,Source: Untitled #134

6 Diy-Fancy Pocket Shorts

clothing,denim,shorts,abdomen,jeans,Source: DIY Summer Shorts

7 Super-Short Daisy Dukes

orange,footwear,yellow,product,spring,Source: orange

8 Scarf Print Shorts

clothing,pattern,shorts,design,art,Source: TS14C01FNAV - Topshop USA

9 Galaxy-Print Shorts

clothing,purple,violet,fashion accessory,denim,Source: A Comprehensive Guide To Making

10 Hot Pink Chino Shorts

clothing,product,sleeve,footwear,lack,Source: Untitled #23

11 Whitest White Shorts

handbag,clothing,bag,product,fashion accessory,Source: White Shorts

12 Lace or Crochet Detail Denim Shorts

denim,clothing,jeans,shorts,abdomen,Source: Almost Famous Kara Crochet Medium

13 Grey Chino Shorts (Slightly Longer!)

clothing,sleeve,product,t shirt,dress,Source: Pinterest

14 Classic Khaki Shorts

clothing,fashion accessory,sleeve,footwear,outerwear,Source: Pinterest

15 Turquoise Chino Shorts

clothing,footwear,fashion accessory,spring,human body,Source: Favorite Fashion "PINS" Friday

16 Tie-Waist Shorts

black,bag,clothing,handbag,footwear,Source: shorts and black tank

17 Ikat-Print Shorts

clothing,product,sleeve,footwear,fashion accessory,Source: Seahorse

18 Unusual Print Shorts

pink,clothing,product,sleeve,dress,Source: Untitled #135

19 Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Shorts

clothing,sleeve,shorts,product,pattern,Source: Printed and Colorful Summer Shorts

20 Pink Aztec Print = Yes!

clothing,pink,sleeve,product,dress,Source: I'm In Love With Someone

21 Scallop-Hem Shorts


22 Mom's Bermuda Shorts

clothing,pink,shorts,trunks,magenta,Source: Pinterest

23 Floral-Print Shorts

clothing,sleeve,pattern,shorts,flower,Source: Pinterest

24 Red/Nautical-inspired Shorts

clothing,sleeve,handbag,footwear,outerwear,Source: Pinterest

25 White Bermuda Shorts

clothing,footwear,product,spring,handbag,Source: Pinterest

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