9 Fashion Inventions That Changed the World as We Know It ...


9 Fashion Inventions That Changed the World as We Know It ...
9 Fashion Inventions That Changed the World as We Know It ...

There is constant innovation in fashion but what about those fashion inventions that changed the world? Fashion changes constantly but there are still some things that are never left behind. Take a look at this brief history of some of the most stylish pieces of clothing that have changed the whole world of fashion. Each of these fashion inventions are something you probably don't want to live without.

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footwear, joint, leg, shoe, human leg, In the 17th century, the Italian city Genoa supplied textile that looked like papyrus and was soon called “Genesis”. In 1837, the entertainer Levi Strauss made a zipper for the famous blue jeans. At the time, they were designed as a workwear for men. Since then, jeans become a favorite part of the wardrobe for almost everyone. The Strauss company still works today and uses the name Levi’s.



footwear, leg, sitting, thigh, human leg, It is very difficult for us to imagine that by the 17th century, only men could wear high heels. In medieval Europe, wooden platform shoes were popular because they allowed people to walk easily through the mud. In the 16th century, high heeled boots were very comfortable for riders. Classic heeled shoes appeared in the 20th century and today they are a part of every woman’s wardrobe.



swimwear, vacation, undergarment, supermodel, spring break, In Paris in 1946, a model walked on the catwalk carrying a two piece swimsuit designed by Louis Reard. This costume caused great controversy, since showing too much skin was seen as promiscuity. The bikini was accepted few years later, when Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe began to wear it.


The two-piece sensation didn't take off immediately due to conservative societal norms. However, in the 1950s, celebrities like Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe not only popularized the daring ensemble but also normalized it as a symbol of glamour and freedom. As Hollywood's golden age icons flaunted their curves in these revealing pieces, the bikini trickled down to public acceptance, eventually becoming a summer staple. By pushing the boundaries of acceptability, the bikini didn't just change fashion; it signaled a shift in cultural attitudes towards women's bodies and societal norms.



fashion model, shoulder, photo shoot, supermodel, dress, Chanel’s little black dress is surrounded by many legends. Some argue that she could not handle the gowns and big dresses, so she created this in order to make a new elegant look. According to another legend, Chanel received the idea of the dress in 1926 as a memorial for her passed away lover. Her creation has made a real sensation in the world, and to this day the little black dress is considered impeccable .



footwear, fashion accessory, tights, shoe, leg, Before the 20th century, ladies who wanted to look fashionable did not have much choice. The socks were either woolen or silk. THis lasted until 1935, when American chemists invented the nylon fibers that promised to be stronger than steel and thinner than a spider's web. In a very short time, they became popular and one of the best selling fashion inventions of all.



black, jacket, leather jacket, leather, fashion model, The Bomber jacket was invented in the USA during the First World War for pilots because it was meant to protect them from the cold and were comfortable to carry. In 1928, Scott made a leather jacket with a zipper, which later became known as a motorbike jacket. Of course, the leather jacket became more popular when it was seen on Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando.



tights, leg, shoulder, joint, thigh, The designer and model Mary Quanta had a small but very trendy store in London. This was a place where the youth came for new fashion pieces. In the late 1950s, the mini skirt became very popular, but also the subject of many debates. But as soon as the rebellious 1960s began, the mini skirt became a compulsory piece of clothing for every woman and many girls still wear them today.


Waterproof COAT

coat, jeans, fashion, fashion model, outerwear, Today, the simple waterproof coat is produced by hundreds of brands worldwide. But this invention was random. Chemist Charles Mclntosh unwittingly spilled a rubber lotion on his costume and noticed that the material became waterproof. He opened a company specifically for waterproof coats. However, in the beginning, they had a smell of rubber and they melted when hot. Over the time the quality of the material improved, so these coats earned a place in eveyone's wardrobe.



knitting, crochet, lace, pattern, turquoise, The bra was invented several times, and each time passed through a series of changes. In the ancient times, women carried a bandage on their chest, which was followed by corsets and in the 20th century the bras gained their present form. Initially, they were not popular because women were used to corsets, but over time they came to love their convenience, comfort and beautiful appearance. Want to know more about the evolution of the bra? Check out this post The History 📜 of the Bra 👙 for Girls Wondering 🤔 Where It Came from ... @Neecey

What's your favorite fashion invention?

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