8 Weird Fashions from History ...

Strange historical fashions are seen in every era โ€“ and no doubt future people will look back at us and wonder why we wore such peculiar clothing! This will be even more likely if they confuse Lady GaGa videos for historical records! Mind you, some of the strange historical fashions make her outfits look rather tame. So here are some weird fashions from history - youยดll be very glad that most of them no longer exist โ€ฆ

1. Gigantic Wigs

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Wigs supposedly became popular thanks to the vanity of French king Louis XIII, who was rather self-conscious about his lack of locks. Naturally, where royalty led, everyone followed. Eventually the wigs became more and more extreme, sometimes measuring several feet high. And as if this wasn't enough, the wigs could be decorated with miniature ships, fruit, and all kinds of bizarre objects.

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