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7 Fashion Necessities That Help You out when in a Pinch ...

By Holly

There are fashion necessities you should own in case of a clothing emergency. All of these products are relatively cheap and easy to use. They’re helpful to have around to make last minute adjustments to your ensemble. Make sure you have these fashion necessities to make your outfit look perfect.

Table of contents:

  1. Bra converter
  2. Double sided tape
  3. Gel heel liner
  4. Tide to go
  5. Safety pin
  6. Nail polish
  7. Lint roller

1 Bra Converter

One of the most useful fashion necessities is a bra converter. This little piece of plastic hooks onto both straps of your bra to keep them together. This is great for when you’re wearing a shirt that covers the space below your neck, but exposes your shoulders. They come in different colors, so you can choose the one that blends in the best with your outfit. Check out Victoria’s Secret for a pack that contains three.

2 Double Sided Tape

Fashion tape comes in handy in all different circumstances. If the little extra piece on your belt sticks out, put a piece of tape on it to keep it together. If the ruffles on your shirt keep popping up, use the tape to keep them in place. Once you buy this tape, you’ll find many different uses for it. Get some from Victoria’s Secret or a local store like Walmart.

3 Gel Heel Liner

We’ve all bought shoes that are as cute as can be, but sting like crazy. When you have a pair that hurts your heels, buy a liner to reduce your pain. These are also a good idea for shoes that are a little too big on you. The product should take up enough space for your feet to fit comfortably. Purchase some at Walgreens or any shoe store.

4 Tide to Go

You never know when you’ll accidentally get marker or grease on your favorite shirt. Carrying a Tide stick around will make it easy to clean up your mess. It might not make the stain disappear completely, but it’ll be good enough for the time being. So throw one in your pocketbook just in case disaster strikes. If you don’t have one already, search through the nearest drugstore.

5 Safety Pin

I’m sure you have tons of these lying around the house, so there’s no need to buy them. Why would you even want to, you ask? Something as simple as a safety pin can come in handy when your bra strap snaps or when a button pops off. It’s smart to have at least one in your bag at all times. You never know when you’ll need it.

6 Nail Polish

If you’re wearing tights or stockings, you have to be careful that you don’t rip them. If you do, apply clear nail polish at the beginning and end of the run. It works like glue and stops the clothing from ripping any further. Of course, you can also use the polish in the way it’s intended. If you know you chip your nails easily, bring along the polish color in your purse so you can touch it up on the go.

7 Lint Roller

The most amazing outfit can look like a mess when dog hair and dust is covering it. Make sure to bring a lint roller with you in case you get your clothes dirty. This is especially crucial if you’re wearing a dark color, where the hair will be most apparent. If you have a pet, you’ll get your money’s worth out of this product. You can get a cheap lint roller at virtually any store, so you have no excuse to pass the opportunity by.

Use these tips the next time you’re in a fashion pinch. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction before? Were you able to fix it?

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