7 Fashionable Must-Haves for School That Your Closet is Incomplete without ...


7 Fashionable Must-Haves for School That Your Closet is Incomplete without ...
7 Fashionable Must-Haves for School That Your Closet is Incomplete without ...

I know that I am not the only person who will find any excuse to shop for fashionable must-haves for school. Fall is sometimes seen as being synonymous with new beginnings, as it marks the start of a new school year. Because of this, I take every opportunity to shop for new clothes to fit this fresh start! Equipped with these fashionable must-haves for school, you will be more than ready to take over the halls with your trendsetting abilities!

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Oversized Sweaters

The popular trend of pairing oversized sweaters with every outfit known to mankind makes oversized sweaters one of the top fashionable must-haves for school. I love their ambiguity: you can stay warm and look amazing while doing it! I usually rock my oversized sweaters with jeans or leggings (if the sweater is long enough) for a comfortable look.


Plaid Shirt

The best thing about plaid shirts is that you can dress them up for a business look or wear them with jeans for a more casual feel. I like pairing my plaid shirts with combat boots for a more down-to-earth and edgy look. Add a cute backpack to really cement your style!


The Blazer

Speaking of business looks, I believe that everyone should own at least one neutral-toned blazer for fall. This go-to item is perfect on days that you need balance looking your best for an interview while also being a fashionista at school! Blazers are a great, not to mention easy, way of adding details and dimension. Make sure that you get the right cut for your body shape!


Infinity Scarves

Am I the only person who is completely obsessed with circle scarves? The longer the scarf, the easier it will be to create a fabulous layered look. I would suggest buying one in a dark burgundy hue and black to add spice and variety to your outfits!


Bold Pop!

For some reason, people tend to associate the fall season with dull colors and monochromatic outfits. I am here to warn you not to fall into this trend! Ignore the pun for the time being; fashion is all about putting yourself out there and taking risks. You should grab any opportunity that you get to add colorful hues to your outfit!

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Fun Bag

In regard to my previous point, incorporate a brightly-colored bag into your outfit for an overall glamorous look. Because it is back-to-school season, I usually say the bigger the bag, the better. How else will you carry all of your books in a fashionable manner? I am a huge fan of tote bags and crossbody satchel bags for this very reason.



My favorite part about fall is that the weather is warm enough for you to still get away with bringing out your summer dresses! I love that my fall closet coincides with my awesome finds from previous seasons. If you are feeling a bit chilly, throw on a pair of sleek stockings to complete your look. Take it a bit further by adding lovely footwear. The "Peter Pan collar" has never looked so good as when paired with dashing oxford shoes!

These fashionable fall items are sure to catapult you into the role of the coolest trendsetter on campus. What are your favorite go-to items for fall? Do you stick with any particular color trends?

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As much as I love Fall for fashion reasons, I absolutely hate the peter pan collars mentioned in #7. I dont understand the hype. Then again, I shouldnt have even read that one because I dont wear dresses either lol

So helpful

Very nice

#5, soo true !

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