8 Fashion Rules You Can Break ...


8 Fashion Rules You Can Break ...
8 Fashion Rules You Can Break ...

When it comes to clothes, there are a lot of fashion rules you can break. Magazines, convention and style gurus tell us what we should and shouldn't be wearing. You've undoubtedly heard the decree about not wearing white after Labor Day, for example. While some "rules" make sense, others aren't really justified. So here are some fashion rules you can break quite happily!

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Perfect Nail Polish

Here is one of the fashion rules you can break - I particularly enjoy doing this! Nail polish is supposed to be immaculate at all times. This may be appropriate if you work in an office or dealing with the public, where it is important to present a smart image. But at other times, a slightly chipped varnish can add an interesting look. Do remove it once you start to see more nail than polish though!


No Short Skirts over 35

How ageist this rule is! 35 is hardly that old any more, and many women older than this have fantastic legs. If you're one of them, don't be afraid to wear skirts that show them off. Just avoid wearing skirts that are too short - that doesn't flatter any woman, whatever her age.


Long Hair is for Young Women

Long hair on women over 40 can cause a lot of comment. If you have a good cut and keep your hair in condition, there is no reason why you shouldn't keep it long if that's how you like it. Even grey hair can still look good worn long and loose. I've seen some older women with stunning long silver hair that made me quite envious!


Only Wear Red Lipstick at Night

Red lipstick is often considered to be appropriate for evening only. I don't agree - I love my red lip colors! The key is to tone it down slightly and wear a softer red, rather than a very dramatic version. Sheer colors are perfect for daytime use. Though if you want to wear a strong red and can carry it off, go ahead!


Bigger Girls Should Cover up

Isn't it incredibly patronising the way that bigger women are always told that they should keep everything covered up? They can easily wear something fitted, or show off their legs, if this flatters them (and it can, if they have toned legs). Larger ladies often have the most awesome cleavage, so why not make the most of it?


Matching Accessories

The 1950s are long behind us, and there is no longer any need to match your accessories perfectly. This can look rather odd and contrived. So don't worry about whether your bag is the same color as your shoes. It actually looks better and more natural to have accessories of different colors.


No Red for Redheads

Who says redheads can't wear red? This has been a fashion rule for far too long, and happily it's now broken more and more frequently. Of course a redhead needs to pick the right shade, but that's something we all need to do if we want flattering clothes! So if you have gorgeous auburn hair, don't shy away from red clothes.


No Tights with Peep Toes

This is, for some reason, considered akin to wearing socks with sandals. However, tights can look great with peep toe shoes. The trick is to match plain with pattern, i.e. wear plain tights with patterned shoes, and vice versa. Also try to find tights that don't have a very thick seam in the toes.

It's often said that rules are made to be broken. Some fashion rules have solid foundations, while others don't hold true. So wear what you like, providing it's flattering and you have the confidence! Style is much more flexible these days, and we don't have to follow a set of dated rules. Which fashion rule do you love to break, and are there others that you think should be followed no matter what?

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I like the mention that big girls don't need to cover up. When I was a teenager I struggled with weight issues so I would wear baggy clothes to school. I remember one of my girlfriends seeing me in my tighter fitting shorts and a tank and she told me I thought you were bigger then you are! That is when I found out that the loose fitting baggy clothes made me look even bigger than I was. Now, Even every once in awhile when I gain some extra pounds, like over the holidays, I know how to work a fun voluptuous look!

I would rather wear that cute sock and sandal combo by the title picture referred to later as being a faux pas than tights with peep toes bleh!

I like to wear white all year round

@Tia Coss I totally agree! I uses to be super tiny! 80 pounds tiny, at 5'6"....until I got pregnant! I'm now around 150-155. Nearly double what I used to be. I got some fat in the tummy from my pregnancies, so I keep that covered...but I've slowly learned to flaunt the good parts! I have amazing legs according to many

Who is a public figure?

Hmm just found out she's supposed to be a public figure! Smh!

Don't show your fat, please!!

It outrages me when people point out somebody with a rounder body to criticize, what is in they're opinion, a too revealing attire for somebody larger then the 'right' size. I hope more people will appreciate that beauty doesn't have a single form. Just saying

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