7 Easy Ways to Pull off Difficult Fashion Trends ...

When I say ways to pull off difficult fashion trends, visions of MC Hammer pants and the dreaded onesies may spring to mind - but that's not what I mean. Fashion is seldom practical; its primary objective is to be seen, to be wondered at, not to be comfortable. High fashion, at least. But there are some trends that most of us would naturally shy away from, so here are seven easy ways to pull off difficult fashion trends.

1. Leather

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Leather may look impossible to wear, but there are ways to pull off difficult fashion trends such as those leather skinnies. It’s everywhere at the moment - on London’s streets, you can't shake a stick without getting a pair of leather trousers. In my experience, the leather look isn't actually as hard to pull off as you may think. If you invest in a good quality pair of fitted leather jeans - or coated jeans are a much easier option and look basically the same - you may be surprised by how versatile they are. Or, if you still don't fancy leather, the high street is bursting at the moment with subtle leather details, like leather trims or leather sleeves. No model figure required.

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