Fab Fashion Tips Inspired by French Beauties ...


Fab Fashion Tips Inspired by French Beauties ...
Fab Fashion Tips Inspired by French Beauties ...

There’s something so timeless about the style of most French women. They make the simplest style look like they just walked off the runway! It’s crazy how something so simple can look so stylish, but French women pull it off! If you’re looking for style that is chic, simple, and easy, you need to follow these fashion tips from the most stylish French women out there! It can be daunting to try to emulate the carefree style of French women, but believe me, these tips and tricks will make stealing the style of French women seem as simple as their classic style is!

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Be Subtle and Subdued

black, clothing, footwear, jeans, sleeve, One of the easiest ways to be inspired by French women is to be subtle about your style. Don’t go too crazy with color or with the statement pieces you wear. In fact, you should probably skip the statement pieces altogether! It’s so simple and makes getting dressed so much easier!


Go for Basics

clothing, denim, outerwear, sleeve, jacket, If you’ve noticed anything about the style of French women, it’s probably that their style isn’t usually too trendy. In fact, French women tend to stick to basics that never go out of style. If you’re trying to dress like French women, keep it simple in basics that you’ll wear forever!


Less is More

clothing, footwear, jeans, outerwear, leather, Don’t go crazy with your style. Don’t layer tons of jewelry or even layer anything in general, really. Minimalism is such an important component of the style of typical French women. Wear as little clutter as possible. You want to keep everything simple. Less is more is not just an old saying—it’s something to live by if you’re trying to recreate French style!


Contrast Light and Dark Colors

clothing, blue, footwear, jeans, spring, French women stick with neutrals, so that’s definitely something you should pay attention to as well. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t contrast light and dark colors. Wear a beige top with dark pants or a dark trench coat with a white monochromatic outfit. The contrast is sure to turn heads!


Be Confident

clothing, dress, sleeve, footwear, outerwear, If you walk with an air of confidence, it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. French women always walk with a breezy air of confidence and make us all feel like we could never measure up to them. If you’re super confident in your look, you’ll feel so stylish, no matter how you’re dressed!


Find the Fit That Looks Best on You

clothing, fashion, season, spring, outerwear, French women just know how to dress so that clothes look amazing on them. It’s all about figuring out which styles look best on you. Learn the styles that look best on you and stick with those when you’re styling yourself. You’ve never looked better!


Ignore Trends

clothing, brown, outerwear, sleeve, coat, If there’s anything we should take from French women, it’s that we should all ignore trends. If you’re thinking about wearing something that you think you’d regret wearing in five years, just put it back on the shelf. Don’t even pay attention to current trends—keep it classic!


Red Lipstick Makes a Look

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, cheek, French women don't fuss around with their day and night looks, rather, they wear their office clothes out and throw on the perfect shade of red lipstick to take the look out on the town for the night.


Don't over AccesoRize

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, neck, leg, French women believe less is more so if you're looking to snag style tips from your French style idol, pay attention to her accessories. Most French women won't clutter up a look with overdone accessories so be sure to keep yours to a minimum as well.


Less is More

black, clothing, outerwear, footwear, fashion, French women will invest hundreds in a single item if it means they'll use it. They believe in better quality clothing not just best price so to drop $100 on a trench coat they'll wear for 5 years is a much better investment than buying a sweater for $85 they will only wear one time. The smarter fashion investment is obviously the one they'll get their money's worth.

What’s your favorite way to dress like French women? Do you follow any of these tips? Will you follow any of these tips? It’s a lot less daunting than you originally thought it’d be, right? Who knew it’d be this easy? Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

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Love this article! 'Less is more' is the best statement, I totally follow this style tips and I think it's great because you can stand out instead of just lookng like every other girl, plus over accessorizing is just tacky.

best statement ''Ignore trends'', I NEVER payed attention to trends, i like to dress what makes me look beautiful yet simple. This is one of the best articles i read, thank you!

I love the French style. 

I find the french style very boring. neutral, soft, few accessories, basics... OMG BORING

The tried and true classic styles have always worked best for me. The most trendy things I ever bought I might have worn once or twice and just never felt good in them. And you really must wear good fitting undergarments, too. My man notices well fitting quality items.

I love the way french girls dress so chic!

I love the French style as well.

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