9 Fashionable Worded Tops ...

Worded tops have been in fashion for some time now. Snappy slogans and monikers on t-shirts are a fun way to send out a message to those around you. You can dress worded tops down during by teaming them with jeans or dress them up at night with a leather skirt, blazer, and heels. Check out a few fun worded tops, below.

1. Geek Tee

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Geek chic is a trend that’s hardly going to die any time soon. Make the most of it in this cute β€˜Geek’ t-shirt by Topshop. It has a slouchy feel about it, with its relaxed fit and rolled up sleeves. Loosely tuck it into a pair of jeans for a cool weekend look. You can find also similar bold worded tops by Wildfox Couture and ASOS.

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