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8 Fashiontastic Ways to Add Blue to Your Wardrobe ...

By Bridget

A peaceful, tranquil, appealing color that will add interest to any outfit, blue is a simply fantastic hue and there are some really simple ways to add blue to your wardrobe. Whether you're having a laid-back and relaxed type of day with your girlfriends, or you're going on a night on the town, consider adding some interest to any style with these divine ways to add blue to your wardrobe.

1 A Top

A TopOne of the easiest ways to add blue to your wardrobe is with a top. Pull on a blue sweater, a blouse or a T-shirt and you'll instantly look great and perhaps even feel a little more relaxed, thanks to the calming powers of the color blue.

2 A Bottom

A BottomAnother fantastically easy way to pull some beautiful blue into your wardrobe is with a blue bottom. A true pair of blue jeans offers a classic look that can go super casual or semi-casual. A pair of blue cigarette pants is the perfect starting point for a classic outfit that you can wear for a walk in the park or for a day at the office. Try a fun and flirty short blue skirt for a date night, or a long and flowing blue skirt for a relaxed afternoon at the beach.

3 Shoes

ShoesAre shoes your thing? If so, how about adding some interest to your wardrobe with a pair of blue shoes? Flats, sneakers, sandals or heels; you can sport a pair of blue shoes that will work well with any outfit. The more vibrant the blue, the more unexpected and the bigger the statement the shoes will make.

4 A Bag

A BagUs girls have so much to carry, we'd be lost without a bag! Turn that essential item into a statement piece with the color blue. A cobalt blue cross-body bag is perfect for the on-the-go mom or the busy student, while an aqua clutch adds just the right punch of color to evening attire.

5 A Belt

A BeltBelts not only hold up pants, but they add style and definition to any outfit. Strap on a thick belt over a shirt dress to give it a whole new look. A thin belt with a pencil skirt is like adding a piece of jewelry to your ensemble. Now, make that belt blue and you've got a striking accessory for your outfit.

6 Jewelry

JewelryJewelry adds the finishing touch to any outfit, and there are plenty of options available when it comes to blue jewelry. If you're going to a formal affair, add a little sparkle to your ensemble with a sapphire blue necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. For a more casual, boho-chic look, try a necklace or a pair of earrings made out of natural turquoise.

7 A Hair Accessory

A Hair AccessoryAnother wonderfully easy way to add blue to your wardrobe is with a hair accessory. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail and wrap a blue scarf around it to give the style a playful look. If you're wearing your hair down, you can add a punch of blue with a headband. For a formal affair, pull your hair into a sleek chignon and surround it with a few sparkling blue clips.

8 A Dress

A DressA dress automatically makes a girl feel, well, girly. Do a playful blue number with white polka dots for a sweet and really lady-like look. If you're heading out for a big event, perhaps a wedding or a play, dress to impress with a gown in a stunning shade of blue.

Of all of the colors in the rainbow, blue is certainly my absolute favorite. When it comes to your wardrobe, it lends a wonderful touch and helps to pull off any look. Want to do blue yourself? How are you adding it to your wardrobe?

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