7 Easy Ways to Start Dressing Nicer Rather than Living in Sweatpants ...


7 Easy Ways to Start Dressing Nicer Rather than Living in Sweatpants ...
7 Easy Ways to Start Dressing Nicer Rather than Living in Sweatpants ...

It seems strange to me that so many women put so little effort into their outfits when there are so many easy ways to start dressing nicer. All too often I see girls walking around campus in sweatpants, sweatshirts, and their hair piled in a bun on top of their head. Dressing nicer not only makes you look better, it can influence your confidence and change the way you present yourself all day. If you follow these ways to start dressing nicer, you can find that it is not that hard and you might even have fun with it.

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Slip on a Dress

Slip on a Dress One of the main reasons people avoid all of the ways to start dressing nicer is because they think that means you can’t be comfortable. But a dress can be just as comfortable as yoga pants. If you pick a soft flowy dress that you feel comfortable in, who says that it can’t be just as rewarding as wearing sweatpants? One of the keys to dressing nice is finding nice clothes that you will want to wear because you feel comfortable in them.


Ditch the Flip Flops

Ditch the Flip Flops You could be wearing shorts and a t-shirt and if you add in a nice pair of wedges, flats, or cute sandals, you can instantly look more chic than if you were to wear a pair of dirty old flip-flops. Shoes have a huge impact on the overall look of an outfit. Take that into consideration when putting together your nice outfit.


Invest in Key Pieces

Invest in Key Pieces A wardrobe is not about how many clothes you have; it is about how you wear them. If you have a few high-quality key pieces like a blazer, nice jeans, and classic dresses, you will have an easier time following the ways to start dressing nicer. Rather than looking in your closet and seeing an abundance of ratty old sweatshirts, you will see nice clothing you can easily pair together to create tons of new outfits.


Plan Your Outfits Ahead

Plan Your Outfits Ahead If you wake up rushed in the morning, you will never want to spend the effort to put on a nice outfit when you can just throw on sweatpants and head to class. If you take 5 minutes out of your night the day before to think about what you want to wear tomorrow, you can save yourself time trying on tons of outfits in the morning. Rather than feeling flustered and throwing on whatever you find first, you will have the time and energy to carefully create a nicer outfit.


You Can Repeat

You Can Repeat I don’t know why we have this obsession with never repeating outfits. If you find an outfit you like, why not repeat it again? That is one of the ways to start dressing nicer. If you have a go-to nice outfit, don’t have shame in trying to replicate it later. If you are really against being an outfit repeater, take one element from your favorite outfit and try to modify it.



Accessorize You can make any causal outfit way nicer if you add in some awesome accessories. Dress up jeans and a t-shirt with a fun statement necklace and tons of bangles. Add in a headband for a pop of color in your hair. There are so many ways to start dressing nicer that don’t even involve clothing.


Borrow from Friends

Borrow from Friends If you think you can’t dress nice because you don’t have the proper wardrobe for it, you would be wrong - especially in college, when you not only have your wardrobe, but the wardrobes of all of your friends and roommates. If they have a nice dress or top you think can add to your outfit, ask to borrow it. It can make the dressing up process a whole lot easier when you already have an idea of what you like. As long as you take care of the clothing you borrow and always return it, there is no reason your friends should refuse you.

Dressing nice is one of the easiest ways for you to feel great all day. When you are happy and proud of what you are wearing, it will show through your confidence. Contrary to popular belief, is it not that hard to dress nicer. What did you think of these easy ways to start dressing nicer? What do you think is a great way to start dressing nicer? Why do you think it is important to dress nice?

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I have a weird problem. I prefer casual dresses over jeans. But people at my classes start assuming I spend too much time dressing up and that I am dumb :-/ I know it shouldn't matter what they think, but it does get to me sometimes :-/

I agree that changing the way you dress each day can change your whole day! Even though I stay home due to illness, I find if I don't allow myself to chill in my sweats and get a cute outfit on I FEEL so much happier!! Check out Poshmark for a easy way to add to your wardrobe!!

Omg the way we dress has a big impact in our life , it has a sright conection to the way ppl treat us

Hhhmmm.... Why are you attacking sweatpants and sweatshirts. They can be just as comfortable and look nice. Plus why invest in clothing when investing in education is a better option. U will be much smarter and have a better job than those who waste time and money on looking nice. Seriously, just let people dress how they like.

The nicer I look the better I feel. The better I feel the better I respond to the world, and the better the world responds to me.

This list is fantastic and so helpful, I will be taking some tips from here!!


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