7 Easy Ways to Start Dressing Nicer Rather than Living in Sweatpants ...

It seems strange to me that so many women put so little effort into their outfits when there are so many easy ways to start dressing nicer. All too often I see girls walking around campus in sweatpants, sweatshirts, and their hair piled in a bun on top of their head. Dressing nicer not only makes you look better, it can influence your confidence and change the way you present yourself all day. If you follow these ways to start dressing nicer, you can find that it is not that hard and you might even have fun with it.

1. Slip on a Dress

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One of the main reasons people avoid all of the ways to start dressing nicer is because they think that means you can’t be comfortable. But a dress can be just as comfortable as yoga pants. If you pick a soft flowy dress that you feel comfortable in, who says that it can’t be just as rewarding as wearing sweatpants? One of the keys to dressing nice is finding nice clothes that you will want to wear because you feel comfortable in them.

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