7 Everyday Ways to Own the Leather Look ...


7 Everyday Ways to Own the Leather Look ...
7 Everyday Ways to Own the Leather Look ...

Have you ever wanted to really own the leather look? I don’t mean eyeing up something leather in a store and imagining it in your wardrobe, or slipping a loose leather top on and hiding it under a blazer. I mean totally owning the look, and feeling irresistible and full of confidence whilst you are wearing it. Feel impossible? Check out these feminine everyday takes how to own the leather look.

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Leggings Are Easy…

Leggings Are Easy… The best way to own the leather look? Start with something easy. Leather leggings, for example, are just like jeans or normal leggings. They don’t feel too different to how you’d expect, and they don’t look that different, either. So grab some that fit well and are comfortable, and try wearing them with a slouchy t-shirt, sneakers and a super cute hat. It’s stylish yet casual, and very comfortable.


Go Sleeveless…

Go Sleeveless… Want a cooler look? Leather leggings can be worn all year round, but they do need some simple style changes. For warmer days, try wearing them with a long sleeveless top made of something light such as linen, and some bold sandals. A pile of bangles on one arm is the perfect finishing touch.


Get Vesty…

Yes, leather vests exist. And they can actually look pretty cute, too! Try choosing one in a light color such as beige or light gray, for versatility. Then team with a knee-length or midi-length gray skirt, a bold colored shirt (mustard is amazing) and the leather vest. Ballet flats or sandals are ideal, depending on where you are going, and a messy bun is very chic. You’ll look and feel amazing.


Dressed up…

Dressed up… It’s not just skirts that your leather vest can dress up, either. For a sprint or summery look, try finding a patterned tea dress. Classic colors such as peach and cream are ideal, and will look great with a light leather jacket, and something with cap sleeves will look adorable. Throw the leather jacket over the top, and add some summery shoes. Easy, and effortless.


Casual Cool…

Casual Cool… This is actually a pretty cute casual outfit, so it’s great for low-key date nights. Try skinny jeans, a vest top and the leather jacket, with strappy shoes and glossy lips. A watch and a pendant necklace are the only accessories you’ll need, but a pile of bangles will always look good, too.


The Smart Look…

The Smart Look… If you have an edgy look, you’ll probably find smart outfits a little daunting. This type of outfit can get boring quite quickly, too! Mix it up by investing in a fitted leather blazer. You can wear it with black linen trousers if you want, or team it with a patterned formal maxi dress for a look that’s super-chic and very high-fashion.


Casual Blazer…

Casual Blazer… Your leather blazer doesn’t need to be kept for best, either. Try wearing it with skinny jeans, or retro styled denims with turned-up bottoms. Converse or brightly colored sneakers add a cute and casual touch, and you are sure to be comfortable. Top wise, go simple with a loose top in a contrasting color – white is perfect if your leather blazer is black – or add a splash of bold color. Keep your accessories to a minimum to really own the leather look, and instead line your eyes and give your hair some volume. Chic, and yet so everyday.

If you aren’t sure how to own the leather look, definitely give one of these outfits a try. Leather is a really versatile fabric, and it's almost timeless. It’s always in fashion! By choosing a leather piece that really fits your wardrobe and your life, you can make it really easy to rock. Have you got a great leather item? I’d love to know!

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You forget skirt& shorts . dresses are awesom too, you derss Them up and down

Leather pencil skirts - smart and sexy!

Was up with this I love it

Love leather, I would love a jacket or some leather pants! That would be amazing!!

I have 3 leather jackets in different styles and colors.


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