Creative Fashion Hacks for Girls Who Hate Their Upper Arms ...

By Lyndsie

Creative Fashion Hacks for Girls Who Hate Their Upper Arms ...

Flabby upper arms are a problem, a PITA, and an embarrassment for many women. Although I love body-positivity, I myself don't yet have enough to bare my upper arms in public, so this post is for me as much as it is for my chicken wing sisters. You don't have to stick to just one look any longer. There are all sorts of other ways to dress like a true fashionista without feeling uncomfortable every time you lift your arms.

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1 Cover It All up

clothing, costume, cosplay, eyore, Here's one potential fix for your flabby upper arm problem, although I daresay that this is one we're all aware of already. It gets kind of tiring, especially when it's particularly warm outside and you're stuck, but it definitely works.

2 Off the Shoulder is Your Look

person, woman, portrait photography, Just because you don't want to bare your upper arms doesn't mean you can't bare your arms at all, you know. Choose a top or a dress that shows off one or both shoulders and you'll look like the goddess you are.

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3 Choose a Bra That Fits Beautifully

clothing, person, lingerie, finger, This may not make your arms look smaller or more toned, but it does help. I can't explain it, but when your bra fits properly, your whole upper half just looks a little better.

4 Find the Right Necklines for You

clothing, black and white, model, photography, film noir, A flattering neckline draws attention away from all your problem areas. It also makes you feel beautiful and confident, which will transform your entire look.

5 Shift the Focus from Your Arms

person, physical fitness, arm, muscle, abdomen, There are lots of ways to do this, it all depends on your style. You can choose interesting silhouettes, eye-catching patterns, flattering cuts, or signature accents, and that's just for starters.

6 Small Prints Work Great

clothing, red, photo shoot, Speaking of prints and patterns, they're ideal for drawing the eye away from the areas you don't like. Actually, a short sleeve top that features a small print may even make you feel confident enough to bare your upper arms a little.

7 More Layers

hair, hairstyle, black hair, singer, costume, Layers can do the same thing.

Do you have this problem? What are some of your fashion fixes?

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But we can't actually convince all women, so we have this article right now. Lol

For flabby upper arms? Can we not just teach women that they don't have to hide their "flabby" parts and to just love themselves instead?

it;s all about condifence

Flabby Arms?. You need a reality check.

All women aren't skinny.


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