7 Formal Shorts You Won't Be Able to Resist ...


7 Formal Shorts You Won't Be Able to Resist ...
7 Formal Shorts You Won't Be Able to Resist ...

Formal shorts are a must-have this year. When the weather gets hot, it’s time to hide away those pencil skirts and suit trousers in favor of something that will keep you much cooler without losing that professional edge. Here are some of my favorite formal shorts – and what I’ll be wearing them with!

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Silky Beauty…

Silky Beauty… My first formal shorts were these billowing beauties from ASOS. The silky fabric is formal and chic, and I loved the functional hip pockets and wrap-tie waist – they are more comfortable than you’d believe. Team them with black shoes and a pale pink cami a la the model for a casual look, or try teaming them with a sheer blouse for a look that is straight out of Vogue.


Longline Luxury…

Longline Luxury… These tailored shorts from ASOS are just gorgeous – the longline fit keeps them ideal for meetings or meeting clients, and the tailored fit is flattering and formal. Just add sandals, a long-sleeved white shirt and a colorful briefcase – that’s office chic in an instant.


Lady in White…

Lady in White… Textured white shorts are a summer staple, but you don’t need to save them for your day off. Give them an iron and try teaming them with a floral silky blouse and a black blazer, along with black courts or Mary-Janes. You can make them even more on-trend by opting for a high waist pair. Win. You can find this pair at ASOS.


Casual Cute…

Casual Cute… I love scalloped hem shorts, and they lend themselves to a casual formal look effortlessly. Make sure that they fit well, so that the scalloping doesn’t dig in or leave odd marks when you are sat down, and the waist isn’t too tight. Next, add some courts or black ankle boots – slouchy or leather will look great – and a colorful blouse in a great print. Low maintenance, yet oh-so-striking. This pair is available at ASOS, too.


New York Nude…

New York Nude… This is the look I’m wearing today! The high rise paper-bag waist makes these tailored nude ASOS shorts perfect for the office, and they are great for keeping you cool, too. I’ve teamed mine with a short sleeve white tee – tucked in – a gold necklace and black courts. The finishing touch is my beloved tan briefcase. Oh yes, the model’s look really works here!


Cute Culottes…

Cute Culottes… Yep, you can make culottes office-friendly! Whatever fabric you choose, go for a design that has a tailored look to it. I’ve found a short-sleeve blouse is best for wearing underneath, usually in white, with black courts. You can mix it up a little, though – bold prints on a blouse could look great too, or try rocking a tucked-in tee and adding a statement bag.


Pretty Prints…

Pretty Prints… Your formal shorts don’t have to be plain, but be careful when picking a print! Understated is key. I love these metallic jacquard print shorts from ASOS, and they look great teamed with a sheer black blouse and cropped black blazer. Your accessories can really transform the look, so remember to go for an office bag and some great court shoes – and then ditch the blazer and switch to sandals for an evening look after work.

Formal shorts are definitely a great investment, and they’ll make your wardrobe feel much more varied. Just avoid the leather! Have you got some great formal shorts? Will you be investing? Let me know!

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Love shorts! There great!

I have a lot of shorts!!.. They are great in this hot temperature..I have silky, jeans, polka dots, casual cute, floral and solids.. Love the this wonderful piece!

would love to wear a pair of shorts in the summer but cnt since i had my lil boy got stretch marks down both of my legs

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