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7 Cute and Cool Graphic Tees Thatll Make You Smile ...

By Lisa

Graphic tees are a fun and fashionable way to express yourself and be heard without saying a word. Some people might think graphic tees are reserved for a younger crowd, but I think there are tees that suit every age group and personality! If you’re looking for a cool and chic graphic tee to add to your wardrobe, I found seven great tops that I think you’ll love to see and be seen in!

Table of contents:

  1. Girls just want to have funds t from cupcake mafia
  2. Reason clothing celine tee from shop jeen
  3. Mnkr time to prioritize tee from modcloth
  4. Muah lipstick tee from nasty gal
  5. Friendship is magic men's graphic tee from target
  6. Lazy oaf dawg tee from asos
  7. Perfection is overrated tee from forever 21

1 Girls Just Want to Have Funds T from Cupcake Mafia

Graphic tees should be a little cheeky and this playful t-shirt is a fun way to show your humor! Whoever said money can't buy happiness obviously doesn't know where to shop! This graphic tee features everyone's favorite glamour puss Marilyn Monroe counting her cash and probably pondering how to spend it!

2 Reason Clothing Celine Tee from Shop Jeen

As much as I would love to wear a t-shirt from some of the super fancy brands, I can’t exactly see myself forking over beaucoup bucks for a shirt with a logo! Good thing Reason Clothing came out with some designer inspired tees like Ain’t Laurent, Homies New York and this Celine Dion shirt. If I don’t want to shell out the dough for a real designer tee, at least I can wear one that makes me laugh!

3 MNKR Time to Prioritize Tee from Modcloth

Wear this graphic tee as a reminder to really enjoy your life and get out more often! I love the retro vibe that this top gives off and it’ll look great with your favorite jeans. Take a trip to another city or state, or travel out of the country. We all need a break from the daily grind and this charming t-shirt can help you as well as others prioritize and realize what’s really important in life!

4 Muah Lipstick Tee from Nasty Gal

If you’re a lipstick lover and want everyone to know, why not show it off in this fun t-shirt?! It’s not just cute on the front; there are red kiss marks on the back of the tee, too! Wear this simple yet stylish shirt when you’re out running errands or when you’re just relaxing at home. It would even make a really roomy and adorable shirt to sleep in, also!

5 Friendship is Magic Men's Graphic Tee from Target

So this t-shirt is actually a men’s shirt, but I can’t resist anything with My Little Ponies on it! I think the head honchos at Target should’ve made this in a more fitted version for the girls, but what can you do?! Get this graphic tee in a small size to wear it as a workout shirt, night shirt or a comfy shirt to wear while you’re just chilling with your special someone.

6 Lazy Oaf Dawg Tee from ASOS

This colorful t-shirt is sure to make you smile anytime you wear it; it has junk food all over it! This relaxed fit shirt is unique, cool and sure to turn heads with the cute graphics and fun colors. Pair this with some leggings or denim cutoffs for an easy, casual look to wear to school or on the weekend.

7 Perfection is Overrated Tee from Forever 21

Why bother striving for perfection when you’re perfect just the way you are?! Send a positive message to people by declaring your distaste for trying to achieve perfection. This graphic tee looks pretty simple at first glance but it actually has gold studs on the shoulders that really step up the look! Pair this with your favorite colored denim or leggings for a casual and comfortable look.

Graphic t-shirts can be found just about anywhere but I really loved these shirts for the messages they convey and their cool graphics. I love wearing t-shirts whenever I get the chance because comfort is number one in my book! Do you wear graphic t-shirts or do you usually dress up?

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