9 Items of Clothing to Splurge and save on ...


9 Items of Clothing to Splurge and save on ...
9 Items of Clothing to Splurge and save on ...

Sometimes it's hard to know which items of clothing to splurge on and which to save your pennies instead. Especially with funky and fresh trends, it's easy to think you need to spend a lot of money to be on trend. This isn't the case! There are some items worth the higher price tag and some that simply aren't. Here are 9 items of clothing to splurge and to save on. Let's go!

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Jeans Jeans are definitely an item of clothing to splurge on. And I'm talking about dark wash, incredibly versatile denim. Usually in a straight leg because it looks best on all body types! Go for designer brands with reputable quality because you want this basic staple to last you for years to come! Colored or distressed denim can be a save item - no need to spurge on those!



Undergarments Undergarments, such as bras and underwear, are items that cannot be inexpensive without sacrificing quality and function. Bras in particular need to be supportive enough for clothing to fit properly and for heavier chested ladies, proper upper back support. So, splurge on your undergarments! Another tip: wash on the gentle cycle only and lay flat to dry. You don't want the elastic wearing away from dryer heat!



LBD A little black dress is a staple must-have in every girl's closet. It's so versatile for many different occasions, formal or casual. Accessories make the difference! Because this is another versatile item, I would say go ahead and splurge on it! It will also last for years with proper care.



Blazers Blazers are great because they can be added to a casual outfit for a chic look or to formal wear. They come in so many styles and colors, that this in an item that can be saved on. Thrift stores are fantastic for finding great, gently used blazers.


Blouses and Tops

Blouses and Tops Blouses and tops are items that can definitely be saved on. Every department store is filled with different blouses and tops. I have cheeper ones and more expensive ones and honestly, I can't tell the difference! To have variety, you can mix and match different blouses with your designer jeans and cardi or blazer!



Shoes When deciding if you should splurge or save on a pair of shoes, first think about it's use. Running shoes are a must when it comes to price and quality. They are your support! One pair of tall boots, flats, and heels: those are the basic shoes to splurge on. Any other additions can be on the cheeper side for more variety. Especially summer sandals which are seasonal and tend to wear out more quickly.



Handbags Handbags are similar to the shoes category. You want classic bags that are going to last, and more funky, perhaps colored or trendy bags to be less expensive. But maybe you'd rather have an expensive trendier bag! Either way, one nicer bag in your wardrobe can add a lot to your outfit for a more polished look. This is one item to save up for and splurge on or request as a gift!



Belts Quality leather belts are sturdy and classic and are built to last! Find one that is neutral for wearing with jeans or pants. Neons, prints, or wide belts can be items to save on. These will be worn less often so no need to spend a lot of money on those!


Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters and Cardigans This is probably the category of clothing I can tell the most difference in quality (besides shoes)! A good quality sweater is soft and doesn't wear out that easily, which also means it lasts a long time! Same for cardigans. I've noticed cheep ones where buttons fall off after a couple wears, or holes form after a few washes. Because these are more outerwear items, especially cardigans, it's best to invest in these pieces. They're also a lot more comfy in the frigid months!

There you have it - my personal list of items to invest in and to save money on. Your list might be completely different! It's mainly about evaluating your needs versus wants and your lifestyle and just going from there. What are some items of your preferred items of clothing to splurge on? Do you have items in your closet you like to buy cheaper and just replace as it wears out?

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Yes I love it! I definitely like to try all different types of designs in my clothing. :)


So every item a woman could possibly be wearing. Disappointment

So basically everything lol I ain't mad @ that

All of these items can be saved on. I agree some items it's nice to have the splurge but you can get quality on a budget. Shop around

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