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7 Ways to Add a Touch of Color to a Neutral Outfit ...

By Alison

Do you need some ideas on how to add color to a neutral outfit? If you're like me, you'll love simple monochrome shades. It makes choosing an outfit so much simpler - everything in your wardrobe matches with other items! However, this simplicity can be a little boring at times, and leave you wondering how to vary your look. Try these ideas, which will show you how to add color to a neutral outfit …

1 Necklace

Necklace One of the most interesting ideas on how to add color to a neutral outfit is with an amazing necklace. Neutral clothing provides the perfect background for a striking piece of jewellery, and allows it to take the center stage. This is a great way of introducing color if you don't like blocks of color, such as you would get if you wore a colored top.

2 Nail Polish or Lipstick

Nail Polish or Lipstick Makeup is another way of adding a slick of color. Bright lipstick or nail polish looks absolutely stunning against a black outfit - think of how red lipstick looks when worn with a black dress. Nail polish gives you an even greater variety of colors to choose from. Try a more unusual shade of blue or green, which will really stand out against neutral clothes.

3 Belt or Shoes

Belt or Shoes Belts and shoes offer another easy way of introducing color to your outfit. Accessories like these come in every possible shade. Even a narrow belt will look striking when worn with a black or grey skirt. As for shoes, we tend to stick to neutral shades when buying those. A bright color can easily be worn with a neutral outfit, and will really draw attention.

4 Bag

Bag We also tend to pick a bag in neutral shades, so that it matches everything. If you want to add color to your wardrobe, keep an eye out for a bag in a beautiful bright shade instead. A colorful tote or pretty clutch are fun to carry, as well as being a practical part of your outfit.

5 Tights

Tights Tights or pantyhose are another fun way of bringing color to your wardrobe. If you work in a conservative environment, you can still wear colored hose - just pick a more muted shade such as berry. Outside work you can really have fun, but it's best to avoid really crazy patterns if you're not young enough to get away with that kind of look.

6 Layers

Layers Here's a different way of adding color to your outfit that doesn't involve using accessories. It's also really good for these fall days when you need a little extra warmth. Layering your clothes allows a little patch of color to peep through - try wearing a bright tank underneath a black top. This is also really good if you don't like wearing color next to your face.

7 Gloves

Gloves Finally, as the weather gets colder you may be getting out your gloves soon. Why not treat yourself to a beautiful bright pair? Color looks fabulous in leather, and gloves are a perfect way of wearing colored leather without it looking too overpowering. Suede gloves also look lovely, and if you're handy with knitting needles you can make yourself a pair!

Accessories and makeup are an easy way to add color to a plain outfit. It's also ideal if you're traveling light - pack different accessories along with a neutral outfit, and you can get several different looks without toting a heavy suitcase. Do you have clothes in every color, or prefer sticking to basic black?

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