7 Fab 🤗 Trends to Try if You're Tall 💃🏼 ...


I know, if you’re a tall woman you’re probably constantly focused on the trends you can’t wear. However, there are so many trends that you can wear! Think about it—designers come up with trends so that they’ll look good on models, and to be a model you have to be tall. If you’re tall, you’re a lucky one, because that means a lot of the biggest trends are tailor-made for you! Still don’t believe me? Check out this list!

1. Flare and Wide Leg Jeans

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These jeans look like you’ve just strutted off the runway, and that’s for a reason. Only super tall women can pull them off, and you happen to fit into that category! Not everyone can wear jeans that have a wide leg, because a lot of the time women that aren’t as tall just seem to drown in them. These are the perfect jeans to look like you’re chic and completely on-trend!

Over-the-Knee Boots
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