Subtle Ways to Work Your Monogram into Your Style ...


Subtle Ways to Work Your Monogram into Your Style ...
Subtle Ways to Work Your Monogram into Your Style ...

If you’re someone who likes the idea of your monogram but doesn’t necessarily like the big, scroll lettering that is associated with a typical monogram—don’t worry. I like my monogram as well, but I prefer it to be much more subtle when it’s on my clothes. I’ve compiled a list of the easiest ways to work your monogram into your style that’s just a little simpler! You may be surprised by just how simple some of these are, but they’ll make such a big impact on your overall look that they won’t seem simple!

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An Initial Ring

An Initial Ring This tiny, gorgeous statement is such a cute look! It was made extremely popular recently when Taylor Swift wore it in an Instagram post. This dainty little ring is so perfect if your style leans toward the girly chic look. I know that this ring is definitely on my Christmas list!


A Nameplate Necklace

A Nameplate Necklace Relive the days of Carrie Bradshaw with your very own nameplate necklace! I’ve seen a few recently that are even cuter than the original nameplate necklace! I’ve seen a bunch of online stores sell nameplate necklaces that take your signature and turn it into a necklace! If you have a signature that you think is really chic, turn it into a necklace!


An Initial Sweater

An Initial Sweater Monogrammed sweaters were a huge trend in the early 2000s, and these days they’re not as a big of a trend. However, there is a new monogrammed sweater trend that’s coming into style! It’s a minimalist approach to a monogram. You simply take one letter of your name in a very simple font and stitch in onto where you would normally put a monogram!


On Your Shirt Pocket

On Your Shirt Pocket If you’re wearing a button-down shirt or even just a shirt with a pocket on it, there’s nothing cuter than adding a monogram to the shirt pocket. It’s such a simple, little touch to add to your shirt that makes your look a little bit more personalized!


Monogrammed Gloves

Monogrammed Gloves If you’re looking for chic gloves this winter, you can find any pair of gloves that are cute, and then add a monogram to them. A simplistic monogram is so in style right now, and a tiny, little monogram on your wrist adds an even more chic and classic touch!


Button-down Pajamas

Button-down Pajamas This is such a cute outfit that people wear when they love monograms. It’s also a huge hit when girls are in bridal parties! Find your favorite pair of button-down pajamas, whether they’re a solid color, striped, or patterned, and put a monogram on it! Sure, you can’t wear them out of the house, but aren’t they adorable?


On a Purse

On a Purse I’m not talking huge, curly monograms all over your purse, unless that’s your style. However, it’s so on trend right now to have a small, simple monogram engraved on a leather purse. If you’re looking for something classic, this is definitely the way to go!

What is your favorite way to wear your monogram? Do you ever wear your monogram on any of these pieces? Do you think you’ll start to now? I’m really going to figure out where to get my monogram engraved into my purse, because that seems so chic, right? Let me know how you wear your monogram in the comments!

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