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The Best Summer Hats to Keep You Fashionable and Shaded ...

By Keyaani

It’s summer ladies and it’s time to accessorize with gorgeous sun hats. Not only are sun hats a trés chic summer accessory, they also protect your skin and provide you that much-needed shade. You can’t go wrong with the sun hat trends that we've seen various celebrities sporting. Check out these wearable sun hats from From the classic straw hat to the elegant Panama. There’s definitely something here to add to your summer accessory wish list.

1 Janessa Leone Hat, $180,

clothing, hat, fashion accessory, footwear, sun hat,SHOP

2 House of Lafayette Hat, $305,

clothing, hat, fashion accessory, fedora, sun hat,SHOP


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3 Federica Moretti Hat, $239,

clothing, baseball cap, cap, hat, fashion accessory,SHOP

4 Missoni Mare Hat, $202,

clothing, food, dessert, hat, headgear,SHOP

5 Eugenia Kim Hat, $455,

ball, hand,SHOP

6 Zara Hat, $30,

clothing, hat, fedora, cap, fashion accessory,SHOP

7 Maison Michel X Mackintosh Bucket Hat, $510,

cap, clothing, baseball cap, hat, fashion accessory,SHOP

8 Gigi Burris Hat, $485,

clothing, costume, figurine, action figure,SHOP

9 Sophie Anderson Hat, $275,

clothing, hat, fashion accessory, sun hat, cap,SHOP

10 Sensi Studio Hat, $120,

clothing, hat, fedora, baseball cap, fashion accessory,SHOP

11 Eugenia Kim Hat, $475,

clothing, hat, sun hat, straw, agriculture,SHOP

12 Yosuzi Hat, $390,

clothing, hat, fashion accessory, fedora, sun hat,SHOP

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