The Ultimate Girl's Guide to Creating the Perfect Closet ...


The Ultimate Girl's Guide to Creating the Perfect Closet ...
The Ultimate Girl's Guide to Creating the Perfect Closet ...

Did you know you end up spending more money on clothes and getting less wear out of them when your wardrobe lacks the basic pieces? If you’re thinking your wardrobe is flat out boring and shopping is the only way to have more fashionable pieces, you’re only creating a bigger headache for you. In this case, more options, mo’ problems. If you’re struggling to work with the clothes you have, adding in new pieces is only creating more pieces you’re either never going to wear, wear one-time and then struggle to restyle.

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The Issue

denim, jeans, shoulder, girl, trousers, This sounds like the story of your life, right? The route of your issue: your wardrobe lacks connectivity, you don’t have those pieces that you can pair with absolutely anything you own over and over again to create different outfits around the same pieces.


Building Your Wardrobe

clothing, fashion model, waist, trunk, fashion, Those endless Google searches trying to figure out how to build a wardrobe only leads you to a list of a few basics - tailored black blazer, button-up, basic tee to an LBD, but never options or clarity on how to select styles that work for your age and make sense for your lifestyle, how to use your basics to make your life more fashionable and less stressful to let's be honest, a more updated and extended list of wardrobe basics.


The Solution

clothing, footwear, fashion model, shoulder, dress, You’re easily overwhelmed with trying to decide which styles work best for you. Don't know where to shop them and how to get a good deal? Underwhelmed with the options you have in your wardrobe that often leaves you resorting to the same outfits and pieces

That is why I created this eBook to teach you how to lay the foundation of your wardrobe so you’re able to begin piecing together your wardrobe and start wearing all of the items you have. For every single item you own, this list of basics can be paired with them without having to stress about if it’s a match. This is where fashion gets easy.

With The Help Of Your Wardrobe Basics, All Those Pieces You Have Laying Around Going Unworn - You'll Finally Be Able To Create Outfits Around Them!

Order and download, Wardrobe Build: Laying the Foundation eBook - $29.99 at

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