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How to Dress for Fall While It's Still Hot out ...

By Holly

It's time to take some fashion advice from Cosmopolitan. They recently wrote a helpful article about how to dress for fall while it's still scorching hot out. If you're in a town where the heat won't die down, these fashion tips will help you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall:

1 A Summery Dress with over the Knee Boots

A Summery Dress with over the Knee BootsKeep wearing those dresses you loved to rock during summer. Of course, instead of wearing your flip-flops and sandals with it, you should swap them for knee-high boots. That way, you'll look like you fit in with the fall theme.

2 A Lightweight Sweater and Miniskirt

A Lightweight Sweater and MiniskirtYou don't have to wear a sweater with cozy sweatpants or heavy jeans. You can mix and match different season's styles. Do this by wearing a lightweight sweater than won't make you sweat, along with a miniskirt. It's the perfect way to transition between summer and fall.

3 A Blazer with Shorts

A Blazer with ShortsBlazers are traditionally worn with pants, but you can get away with pairing them with your favorite shorts while it's still warm out. It'll create the perfect balance between looking casual and professional.

4 A Tank Top with a Blazer

A Tank Top with a BlazerIf it's just too hot to slip into that blazer, you can wear a tank top instead. Simply rest your blazer over your shoulders in order to show everyone that you have great style.

5 Double Shirts

Double ShirtsIf you own a cute button down shirt, you can leave it open if you wear a tank top underneath it. Double up on your shirts, as long as they're both made of light and breathable fabrics.

Now you have five adorable outfit ideas for fall courtesy of Cosmo! Which one of these outfits do you consider the cutest?

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