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Who doesn’t love a pair of cozy socks during the fall? I know I love them, but sometimes the coziest socks don’t actually look that great. While that’s fine by me on most occasions, sometimes I want a warm pair of cozy socks that actually looks presentable. Although there are exceptions to the rules, these are the tips that I’ve found to be the best for finding those cute fall socks that look great.

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Choose a Cable-Knit Fabric

Choose a Cable-Knit Fabric A cozy sock made from cable-knit fabric will not only be supremely comfy, but it will also look really chic. Rather than wearing a huge, unappealing pair of fluffy socks that basically pour out of your shoes (hopefully I’m not the only one with such a pair of socks), picking socks made from cable-knit will be visually appealing with their texture. Cable-knit socks tend to look better when they are shorter in length, because if they are knee-high length then they might make your leg look a little puffy (it’s a thick, cozy fabric after all!).


Or Go for a Knee-high Length

Or Go for a Knee-high Length If you do, however, want to go for a knee-high sock, pick a thinner fabric that will still remain comfortable. It’s okay if you still want to look for a sock with texture in it, but if you get one that is actually a cable-knit, like I said before it might make your leg look puffy (which is okay, if that’s the look you’re going for). If you’re looking to pull off the knee-high sock look, I suggest getting a thin, yet insulated pair that you can wear with a cute, oversized sweater.


Try to Stay with Neutral Colors

Try to Stay with Neutral Colors This is a general rule to keep in mind while wearing cozy socks. If you have too much color going on, plus textures, and patterns, it might be a little bit over the top or clash with your outfit. Socks that are white, tan, black, or grey are all great, safe options that go with pretty much everything. If you must go with a colored pair, make sure that they aren’t mixing too many different elements or they might end up looking tacky.


Keep Patterns to a Minimum

Keep Patterns to a Minimum Wearing cozy socks with patterns on them seems to be acceptable during Christmastime, but it isn’t really necessary during fall months. It can look a little out of place, and often they will clash with the clothes you’re wearing. To avoid this, try focusing on wearing cozy socks that have a lot of textures sewn into them instead of actual colored patterns. Some patterns can be cute, but it’s generally a good idea to wear socks that are cute in their simplicity.


Pair Them with a Cute Pair of Boots

Pair Them with a Cute Pair of Boots This is by far my favorite way to make cozy socks look fashionable. There is almost nothing cuter than letting a little bit of a cable-knit sock peek out of the top of a pair of boots. It looks extremely chic and put-together, yet you will secretly be reveling in how cozy the socks you’re wearing are. Make sure you stick to neutral-colored socks if you do this so that they don’t look strange and mismatched with your boots.


Wear Them with Leggings or Skinny Jeans

Wear Them with Leggings or Skinny Jeans Wearing cozy socks with leggings or skinny jeans is great because it allows your socks to be the main focus (instead of having them covered up by pant bottoms). I also like that wearing both long socks and short socks look chic when they’re paired with leggings or skinny jeans. That is, you can tuck your skinny jeans or leggings into your socks if they are thick enough. I love how cozy this look is, but I love how it feels cozy too!


Match Them with a Cozy Sweater

Match Them with a Cozy Sweater Matching a pair of cozy socks with a warm sweater is so adorable. This is especially true if you have a white cable-knit sweater that you’re wearing with the same color and texture in sock form. It looks so put together, and it will help you pull off the oversized sweater look as well. This tip would also work with scarves, if you wanted to match a scarf with a pair of cable-knit socks. Either way, doing so would make a fashionable fall outfit idea.

These are my best tips on how to still look fashionable while staying cozy wearing socks this fall. Wearing cozy socks is almost essential during the fall, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking good to wear them. I’ll admit that I don’t always look fashionable when I wear cozy socks (like when I’m staying inside by the fire), but sometimes when I’m going out or just want to look cute, I follow these tips so that I can be cozy, yet fashionable. What’s your favorite way to style cozy socks during fall?

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