How to Wear Cozy Fall Socks and Still Look Fashionable ...

Who doesn’t love a pair of cozy socks during the fall? I know I love them, but sometimes the coziest socks don’t actually look that great. While that’s fine by me on most occasions, sometimes I want a warm pair of cozy socks that actually looks presentable. Although there are exceptions to the rules, these are the tips that I’ve found to be the best for finding those cute fall socks that look great.

1. Choose a Cable-Knit Fabric

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A cozy sock made from cable-knit fabric will not only be supremely comfy, but it will also look really chic. Rather than wearing a huge, unappealing pair of fluffy socks that basically pour out of your shoes (hopefully I’m not the only one with such a pair of socks), picking socks made from cable-knit will be visually appealing with their texture. Cable-knit socks tend to look better when they are shorter in length, because if they are knee-high length then they might make your leg look a little puffy (it’s a thick, cozy fabric after all!).

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