Update Your Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank ...

It can be difficult to find ways to update your wardrobe when you’re on a budget. Sometimes, it just feels easier to keep wearing your old clothes rather than spending your small budget on clothes. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore, though! There are so many different ways to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank that you may not have thought of just yet!

1. Raid Your Friends’ Closets

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Pick a day or two with your friends where you go through your own closets, decide what you don’t want anymore, and then shop each other’s closets. Maybe you’ve always loved something in your friend’s closet, or vice versa, and this is the perfect way to snag a little bit of each other’s style! This is one of my favorite ways to update your wardrobe, because you may finally be able to nab your friend’s dress you’ve been coveting for years!

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