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10 Essential Rules of Being a Stylish Woman ...

By Carly

Do you ever see a woman in the street on the TV and just think ‘wow, she’s so naturally stylish’? Sure, it can be the case that some women do have an innate sense of style that helps to them stay ahead of trends and in with the popular fashion crowd, but that doesn’t mean that having a great sense of style isn’t something that can’t be learned! These women might look like they are pulling it off effortlessly, but believe me, they are definitely sticking to defined guidelines! Here are ten essential rules of being a stylish woman.

1 Edit

fashion model, fashion, photography, photo shoot, outerwear,You need to know how to edit and modify an outfit so that it can provide you with three or even four different looks on different days. Having an eye for being able to make fashionable changes is a vital element in having natural style.

2 Back to Basics

jeans, denim, clothing, footwear, fashion model,Make sure that your closet is filled with all of the classic basics that make for the staples of any stylish wardrobe. I’m talking trench coat, little black dress, plain tees, a tailored blazer. These kind of garments will never go out of style.


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3 Statement

product, handbag, fashion, bag, advertising,Equally, you need to know when to make a statement. This can often be done with extravagant accessories rather than anything too outlandish in your garment choices.

4 Mix It up

leg, sitting, beauty, thigh, fashion model,Don’t decide that one top only goes with one pair of trousers. Try to be more versatile in your outfit building and experiment with putting different patterns and textures together.

5 Bargains

jeans, white, clothing, denim, shoulder,Being stylish isn’t always about being able to spend the most money on designer goods! If you look hard enough, you will find that your local thrift and charity shops are filled with hidden vintage gems.

6 Shoes

clothing, jeans, denim, sitting, shoulder,You need to embrace and understand the importance of shoes! A killer pair of shoes can elevate even the most basic of outfits, so it’s a simple way to make you look fashionable when you aren’t actually making much of an effort.

7 Accessories

human hair color, black hair, fashion model, brassiere, model,The power of accessories! There is only so much we can do differently to everyone else when wearing the same type of jacket, but when you add accessories to the mix, you can make your look totally unique.

8 Don’t Give in to Trends

yellow, shoulder, jeans, coat, outerwear,Don’t go along with the next big thing just because you think that you need to keep up with the hottest trends. A truly stylish woman isn’t a sheep who follows others; she is someone who makes her own path and ends up creating trends of her own!

9 Tailoring

shoulder, leg, joint, fashion model, photo shoot,You need to do some homework on tailoring, and what cuts flatter your specific body the best. Clothes that fit properly automatically make a woman look better.

10 Imperfect

vacation, tourism,Don’t try to look absolutely perfect every day. The casual chic look is something that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so embrace the fact that the most stylish women in the world don’t always look like they have been primped and preened to within an inch of their lives!

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