3 Perfect Ways to Use Accessories to Look Slimmer ...


3 Perfect Ways to Use Accessories to Look Slimmer ...
3 Perfect Ways to Use Accessories to Look Slimmer ...

It's time to learn ways to use accessories to look slimmer. When it comes to wanting to look slimmer, we all know that the most effective and long-lasting way to go about it is to actually commit to losing some weight, but something we also all know is that this does not tend to happen overnight. In the meantime, therefore, you find yourself looking to pick up a few tips and tricks of the trade to help you look slimmer in the short term! Believe it or not, one way to do this is through the use of different accessories. If you know what to wear and how to wear it, you could look in the mirror and find yourself looking pounds lighter. We all love a good trick of the eye, so here are some ways to use accessories to look slimmer.

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Working with Your Proportions

It’s all about using jewellery to find a pleasing balance in your body shape. For example, if you have a slightly larger bottom half, then find a big, bold necklace that is going to make a big statement and be able to draw attention and focus away from your hips. Women with a larger bust can achieve a slimmer look by opting for pendants that stop at the décolletage. If you have larger wrists, always go for bracelets that have a loose fit, as this will help to make your arms slimmer. This is one of the best ways to use accessories to look slimmer.


Large Bags

You can make your entire silhouette look smaller and slimmer if you choose the right bag! Luckily for you, huge handbags are very much on trend in 2018, so feel free to buy the largest one you can find, and you will automatically look smaller in comparison. The bigger you are, the less flattering a smaller bag is going to be for your overall look - a handy thing to remember when out shopping.



Some larger women turn to baggy clothes in order hide their bodies, but this only serves to make you look even bigger than you really are. Instead, what you should be doing is using a belt to create a waist for yourself. Find the point in your midriff where your ideal waist would be, and work to tighten the belt so that you create a nice feminine shape. Curvier girls will be better off with a thin belt because thicker ones can start to make your look more square or rectangular than hourglassed.

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