How to Repeat Outfits without Anyone Knowing ...


How to Repeat Outfits without Anyone Knowing ...
How to Repeat Outfits without Anyone Knowing ...

Even though there are plenty of things in life that matter more than your wardrobe, there is no denying that we like to look our best as often as we can and that usually involves having to be creative with reusing certain garments! Unless you are super rich, you won’t have enough items to go a whole week or two without having to re-wear, but that is totally fine if you don’t get clocked! Here is how to repeat outfits without anyone knowing.

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You can make an identical outfit take on a whole new dynamic by simply switching up the footwear. Wearing heels one day and then sneakers the next can turn an outfit from smart casual to informal without people ever realising that they only different thing is the kicks!



Be a master in the art of distraction by switching up your hairstyle rather than your clothes! You would be amazed by how much people pay attention to your hair and your face compared to your clothing. You get away with murder!



Make the most of all of your different accessories in order to put new spins on the same outfits day after day. Things like chunky necklaces can make a top look totally different, and a nice belt can add a totally new dynamic to a pair of trousers or a skirt.



If you feel like you need to definitely change on thing, then make sure that it's outerwear. You can pretty much get away with wearing the same jeans and shirt combination for days if you have a different cardigan or jacket to wear over it!



Play with your layers throughout the day so that your colleague might see you with your sweater on in the morning, then your undershirt in the afternoon, and then with your coat on when you are going out for an after work drink!

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Button down

You can’t go wrong with a button down because it literally goes with everything. People won’t look twice about the fact that you are wearing a button down a few times a week because it is a timeless garment!


Avoid Patterns

People recognise patterned garments much more readily and easily than plain garments, so if you want to get away with wearing the same things a couple of times a week, stick to block colours and avoid prints and patterns that are slightly more eye-catching.

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