How to Turn ↩️ a Fashion Don't ❌ into a Fashion do 👏🏼 ...


We’ve all seen the pages of fashion magazines. We’ve all seen the blacked out faces are editors declare different outfits “Fashion don’ts.” I’m also fairly certain that we’ve all been known to wear our fashion don’t or two. If you’ve had your fair share of fashion don’ts and want to turn them into fashion dos, follow this list!

1. Too Much Sparkle

Too Much Sparkle

Sometimes you have a piece that you love, whether it’s a skirt, a dress, or a pair of heels, but you know that if you wear them, you’ll look a little too much like New Year’s Eve to be taken seriously. If you want to wear that sparkly piece but are worried that it’s not the time or the place, follow one simple rule. Make sure the rest of your outfit is comprised of neutrals. It will completely tone down the look but you’ll still shine!

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