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What Should You Wear to Your Next Holiday Party? ...

By Sheila

Come party season and the big question on every woman's mind is "What do I wear?". Fret not, for we have some lovely outfit ideas to get you through every Holiday party this year.

1 Red Lace Dress with Black Shoes

Now, that's a classic look!

2 White Dress and Silver Ankle Boots

We love white and silver together.


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3 All Black with Statement Earrings

What's a party without some bling?!

4 A Tulle Skirt

Who says tulle is just for kids?

5 Black Studded Skirt and a Full-sleeved Top

Pair with red lips and an oversized clutch.

6 Black Jumpsuit and Glitter Pumps

Isn't that oh-so-chic?

7 Sweater Top and Sequined Skirt

The Holiday season is perfect for glitter, shimmer, and sequins!

8 T-shirt and Tulle Skirt

Love everything about this!

9 Fun Pants!

Pants can be festive too!

10 Full Red Skirt with Leopard Pumps

You've got to love how the red stands out against the white.

11 The LBD

Because classics are classics for a reason...

12 Off Shoulder Top with a Voluminous Skirt

So elegant!

13 Velvet Dress with Tall Boots

This look is both festive and comfy.

14 Sparkle Away

That's sure to make heads turn!

15 Bandage Dress

Simple yet chic!

16 Glitter Leggings

Let's get the party started!

17 Sweater, Skirt, and Tights

That's how you stay stylishly warm.

18 Go Full Length


19 Black and Purple

Say yes to statement skirts!

20 Open Back Dress

Open backs are always sexy.

21 A Metallic Suit

This one is for the brave...

22 Something Dramatic

Depending on what kind of party you're going to, don't be afraid to go all out!

Happy Holidays!

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