8 Inspiring Street Fashion Looks ...

Street Fashion has long been a source of wardrobe inspiration. While runway looks are still desirable, street fashion is more appealing as it comes across as more accessible. If your wardrobe is in need of some new season inspiration, why not sit down at the computer and take a few tips from popular street style sites? There are a range of websites that cater to documenting street fashion around the world. The following are just a few street fashion looks sourced from the popular image inspiration website Pinterest.com.

1. The 70s Silhouette

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Flared jeans, a floaty blouse, and a floppy felt hat – it’s a simple combination that works wonders, especially in terms of street fashion. The high waisted jeans have a lengthening effect, and the floaty blouse gives off a free-spirited vibe. The maroon felt hat and long wavy hair complete the 70s-inspired look.

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