7 Items in Lady Gaga's Closet That You Can Have in Yours ...


7 Items in Lady Gaga's Closet That You Can Have in Yours ...
7 Items in Lady Gaga's Closet That You Can Have in Yours ...

Lady Gaga’s Closet must be a place as magical as Narnia. Gaga is personal friends with Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Phillip Tracey, and many others fashion designers and they all love to dress her up in their fabulous designs. While some of these pieces have quite the hefty price tag, or are even designed specifically for her, some of the couture in Lady Gaga’s Closet is quite affordable! Below are my 7 favorite pieces Gaga has worn that you can own.

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Pleaser Xtreme 1020 Black Patent Boots

Pleaser Xtreme 1020 Black Patent Boots the-fame.org

As soon as you step foot into Lady Gaga’s Closet, you’ll notice her impressive collection of shoes. While there will be boots and pumps with heels higher than you could imagine, one thing is for certain, you won’t be seeing any sneakers or flats on the shelves. This is a woman who does yoga in stilettos, after all. However, between the Louboutin, Noritaka Tatehana, and Alexander McQueen heels, there is a pair of modestly priced patent boots. The designer, Pleaser, is almost unheard of, but Gaga didn’t let that stop her from rocking them on stage with the Rolling Stones. At a price tag of just over $100, this is one item in Lady Gaga’s Closet anyone can own, and you can buy them here.


Penthouse Savannah Knee-High Boot

Penthouse Savannah Knee-High Boot the-fame.org

After ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ over the Pleaser boots in Lady Gaga’s Closet, you’ll see a worn out pair of corset-style lace-up boots. These boots have definitely seen their better days, but that is only because Gaga has worn them EVERYWHERE. The ‘Savannah’ boot by Penthouse was made famous when Gaga wore them on her highly acclaimed Monster Ball Tour. This is by far Gaga’s favorite shoe and she is often spotted strutting them down the streets of New York City. This boot can be yours for just $70! Get them here.


Punky Allsorts My Little Pony Necklace

Punky Allsorts My Little Pony Necklace sugarscape.com

Perhaps the most expensive collection in Lady Gaga’s Closet is the jewelry. She has been seen in pieces worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. After drooling over her custom gold-encrusted Mordekai jewelry, you’ll be shocked to see what looks like a pile of decapitated My Little Pony heads on display. Upon further inspection, you’ll notice it’s a necklace made up of just that – My Little Pony heads! Punky Allsorts makes fun jewelry that celebrities such as Lady Gaga just can’t get enough of! You can buy the necklace for around $100 here. Fun!


Stevie Boy Shiny Sun Glasses

Stevie Boy Shiny Sun Glasses the-fame.org

Lady Gaga is rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses, so you know she has to have a huge display of them in her closet. Gaga rarely wears the same pair twice, however she loves her Shiny Sun Glasses by Stevie Boi so much, she wore them on stage during her Monster Ball Tour. Gaga chose the purple pair, but if you don't fancy that color, Stevie Boi offers several other colors on his website. While the price tag of $170 is a little steep, you can easily save up for a pair! You can buy them here... what color will you choose?


Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution T-Shirt

Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution T-Shirt the-fame.org

Hanging on the rack in Lady Gaga’s Closet next to the Hermès fur coats and the Viktor and Rolf gowns is a simple t-shirt with a BIG message. Vivienne Westwood designed a t-shirt to help launch her Climate Revolution and Gaga supported the cause by donning the tee. What’s great about this shirt is that it’s designer AND affordable at just $90. You can purchase it here.


Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf the-fame.org

Lady Gaga loves accessorizing almost as much as she loves Alexander McQueen. So it’s a no brainer that she has an Alexander McQueen scarf in her closet. While most of us would flaunt our McQueen scarf around our neck for all to see, Gaga chose wear it up in her hair. No matter how you choose to wear it, this scarf will make a statement. Gaga chose the black/ivory color scheme, but there are many other options. At $295, it is the most expensive piece on the list, but the price is a steal for a design by McQueen! You can get yours here.


American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace Unitard

American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace Unitard the-fame.org

Lady Gaga doesn’t keep it a secret that she is a huge fan of American Apparel so you know her closet is packed with their clothes. This is great news for us since American Apparel is known for their affordable prices! Although Gaga loves to splurge on expensive lingerie from brands like Agent Provocateur, sometimes she surprises us all by stepping out in a piece like this lace unitard that costs just $50. While it is no longer listed on the American Apparel website, you can get this piece in 3 different colors on Amazon.

After exploring the fabulous and affordable items Lady Gaga has stepped out in, her closet doesn’t seem like such a mythical, far away place anymore! This just proves you don’t have to be rich to be fashionable. Will you be picking up any of these items from Lady Gaga’s Closet? Which outfit of Gaga’s is your favorite?

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